【BAA-SWU Joint Program】英語授業レポート:気候変動とエネルギー選択 [2019年08月09日(金)]


Global Climate Change and Energy Choice

August 7, 2019

Nami Sasai

In BAA program, Danish and Japanese students took the class on global climate change and energy choice in August 7. The instructor is SWU Professor Masako Konishi who is working as expert director for WWF Japan, and also engaging in UN climate negotiation.

At first, we learned about the basics of climate change and the Paris agreement. According to the World Bank, around 1 billion people still live in extreme poverty and more than 800 million people do not have enough food to eat. Especially, the developing countries do not emit a lot of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, developed countries produce a lot of carbon dioxide because there are many emitting facilities.

Students study about energy choice

Based on the past emission, it is already proved that the temperature will be increasing by 4℃ or at least 2℃ in the future. This means no one can stop the global warming. To prevent this global problem, we need to cooperate with people all over the world. So, we do international negotiations to make international agreements like the Kyoto protocol and the Paris agreement. The Kyoto protocol, however, clearly divided the participating members into two parts, developed and developing countries because developing countries were exempted from setting their goals. But the Paris agreement applicable to all countries because the agreement asks every stakeholders to do their best.

Finally, we did the group discussion about what kind of energy we should chose for our future society. We analyzed pros and cons of renewable energies, nuclear, and fossil fuel. We learnt when you choose the best energy, you should think about environment, economic development, energy security and safety.

In this class, we avoid choosing nuclear energy. One classmate said that nuclear energy has the problem of long-term storage of radioactive waste. Other Danish classmate pointed out about the accident of Fukushima nuclear. We had productive discussion and realized we should think climate change problems for our future. The most important thing is to get to know about the climate change situation and make the best effort. So, this class was the first step for our future.

【BAA-SWU Joint Program】ビジネスにおける異文化コミュニケーション [2019年08月05日(月)]



 私は、7月29日から8月10日まで約2週間に渡って開催されるBAAーSWU Joint Summer Programに参加しています。このプログラムは、Business Academy Aarhusというデンマークにあるビジネススクールのファイナンス専攻の学生と英語で交流し、金融や経済、ビジネスについて共に学ぶ集中講座です。7月30日は、第1回目の講義である「Cultural Understanding in Business」を受けました。

 例えば、デンマーク人は「Don’t waste your time」の精神があるため会議時間は時間通りにぴったり終わらせるか、できるだけ早く終わらせることが良いとされ、会議の冒頭でアジェンダを共有して効率的に会議が行えるようにしているそうです。


 今回の授業を通して、私はLow context(伝達すべき情報がすべて言語化される)と High context(伝達に非言語の情報も使われる)の違いについて理解を深めることができ、どちらの良さにも気付くことができました。

【BAA-SWU Joint Program】旭化成株式会社、訪問記 [2019年08月05日(月)]


Visit to Asahi Kasei Corporation

July 31, 2019
Rino Tanaka

We visited Asahi Kasei head office and received an explanation of the company profile, business contents, relations with Europe, and the plan for future developments. After that we joined an in-house tour.

At first, we were guided to a conference room and watched a video of company introduction by the staff. There was a presentation about how Asahi Kasei products help our lives, their historical connections with Europe. Asahi Kasei has three business pillars of materials, housing, and healthcare. In the materials area, they develop clothing fibers and high value-added materials that are environment-friendly. In the residential area, their housing products are popular as Hebel House. Asahi Kasei also deals in pharmaceuticals and other products by making use of their chemical technology.

I was impressed with the fact that Asahi Kasei’s rubber is used by Mercedes-Benz and BMW and that Asahi Kasei has even created an electric car called AKXY whose accuracy is high enough to be able to run on public roads.

Visitors can try moving the accessories on the technology board.

Globalized Experience for Employees
A staff explained the students how the Asahi Kasei employees work in Japan and overseas. In fact, they are able to gain skills in Japan and work for several years in the overseas branch offices. I felt this is very attractive working environment because someday I would like to become a globally active person. Danish students asked some questions about how the foreign employees work at Asahi Kasei.

Students enjoyed a grand view of Tokyo from the cafeteria.


At the end of the company tour, we visited the display area where people can understand the company activities at a glance and the cafeteria. I enjoyed the whole tour very much and could feel the atmosphere of the company at hand.

オーフス・ビジネス大学(デンマーク)との合同夏季集中講座、始まりました! [2019年08月02日(金)]

前期も終盤となった7月29日より、昭和女子大学とデンマークにあるビジネス系単科大学Business Academy of Aarhus (BAA) が合同で開設するJoint Summer Programが始まりました。


Peter Schneider先生のBusiness Model Canvas演習






ハイレベルな英語でのビジネス講義が始まりました [2018年10月15日(月)]


 今年も、現代ビジネス研究所の太田行信研究員(米コーネル大MBA。三井住友信託銀行、シティバンク等を経て、現在株式会社ペッパーフードサービス常勤監査役)による、ハイレベルな英語でのビジネス講義が始まりました。TOEIC700点以上を条件に、ビジネスデザイン学科2年、英語コミュニケーション学科、国際学科で募集したところ、英語コミュニケーション学科3年 湊美咲さん、同学科4年 西谷知美さん、国際学科4年 中林成美さんの3名が参加することになり、10月5日に初回の講義を行いました。今後は、隔週金曜の18時から計5回行う予定です。

第1回 International business and hunt for lower labor costs (国際分業と国家間競争)
第2回 Corporate wrong doing and governance (企業不正をめぐるコーポレートガバナンス問題)
第3回 Effective presentation skills and IT marketing (Steve JobsのiPhone発表プレゼンテーション(YouTube)を題材とするプレゼンテーション技術とITマーケティング)
第4回 Amazon vs. Walmart: battle of retail giants in the cyberspace. (オンラインショッピングを巡る小売業者の戦略と戦い)
第5回 Karoshi in Japan: Work-life balance and corporate responsibilities (電通での過労死問題をめぐるワークライフ・バランスと企業の責任)

My last challenge as a student is taking this class and using English without being afraid.This class is comfortable, but I’m little bit nervous because the classmates are only three people.
However, thinking about global business is important for me to work at the company.
I had a valuable time in the first class. I’m looking forward to next class.(中林さん)

I started to take “Business in English Session” on last Friday. During class, I discussed with other members about business in the world and it was interesting for me. In these two months, there are three more classes I’ll take part in, so I’m looking forward to studying about world business more. (西谷さん)

In my first lecture for Business in English, we learned how a good Image of fair trade is used for marketing strategies. This was very interesting because when I think about what I learned, it rings a bell. However it’s like I would never realize it if I wasn’t told. The backside of good aspects is important to know because that’s how I will be able to shift my views from just a customer to a business person. I believe this session is going to be very helpful when I start working in my future. (湊さん)


読売中高生新聞「キャンパス案内」、ご覧ください [2018年07月20日(金)]






留学生2名が3か国語対談 [2018年07月04日(水)]


 当学科にもやる気溢れる留学生が在籍しています。3年のTEE XINYEEさんと1年のHUI SIU LINGさんは、日本語と中国語、英語を操ります。そこで、二人に3か国語で対談してもらいました。ご堪能ください。なお、TEEさんの中国語表記は簡體字、HUIさんは繁體字です。




I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


我是來自香港的留學生,香港和日本的距離不遠,坐飛機大約4小時就可以到。香港以前是英國的殖民地,大約被統治了156年左右,直到1997年歸還給中國。因為被英國統治了100年以上,文化和政府制度都與中國有大分別,例如香港是用廣東話。香港有很多獨有的食物,如飲茶、點心、茶餐廳之類。除此之外, 日本與香港在經濟,商貿上的關係亦貿很密切,香港是最多日資公司設立海外分部的地方。

I come from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is just next to Japan. It takes about 4 hours by airplane. Hong Kong used to be one of the British colonies, dominated for 156 years till the return to China in 1997. Although it’s a part of China, we have quite different cultures. For example, we use Cantonese but in China they use Putonghua. Also, Hong Kong has a lot of special food like dim sums. Hong Kong and Japan are very close in business. Hong Kong has got the branches of the most Japanese companies, like Nintendo and Sony.






When I was in high school, I was very interested in studying abroad in Japan. At that time, I consulted with a student exchange organization and they provide exchange program to Nagoya for a year. Unfortunately, there was no Japanese student who applies for Malaysia as an exchange, so I had no choice but to give up. Alternatively, there are some options for me, to go to India or German. I seriously considered going to German but in the end, I chose to stay in Malaysia.

Since then, I joined a Japanese class once a week. I was so into the language study at that time and even attended a Japanese speech contest. One day, my Japanese teacher asked if I am interested in going to Japan to study more Japanese and again, I talked to my family and they agreed. However, my original plan was to study in Japan for a year and go back to Malaysia. But I broke my promise again and again, in the end, I stayed and came to Showa Women’s University. My sister was quite mad at me for a long time.



Since I was a child, I am interested in Japanese culture because of animations. In the summer holidays of my secondary school. I have joined a study tour to Japan for a month. During my first visit to Tokyo, I have met people from all over the world. From that experience, I want to know more about Japan, I want to stay longer. So I prepared to study abroad. Japanese culture is similar to ours, and it’s a safe country. So my parents won’t worried about me.




第一次接触到昭和女子大学是在语言学校上课的时候。当时,国际学科的教授和国际交流课的职员到我当时就读的语言学校,进行大学留学生课程的说明会。说明会结束之后,我们也有机会跟教授他们进行交流和问答。正因为参加了那一次的说明会,所以当时,我参加了名为“bridge program”的课程,并在昭和女子大学修了一门商业英文课。

那一学期,除了每周一次的课以外,我也参加了大学里的其他活动。例如,有一次以马来西亚留学生的身份参与了森本教授的法学课,一起探讨了日本国际化与法律制度的问题。 除此之外,国际交流课也经常会举办各种留学生交流活动,所以,那时候虽然我还不是昭和女子大的正规学生,但是也很多有跟昭和女子大的留学生以及日本学生一起进行交流的机会。通过一学期在这里上课的各种经验,我确定了昭和女子大对我来说是最理想的大学。

When I was a child, I always have a strong interest in business. Maybe it was affected by my dad. So, I knew that I would choose to study accounting or business administration in the university when I was 13 or 14. Therefore, when I was deciding which university to go to in Japan, the atmosphere and environment of the university matter more than what to study.

3 years ago, when I was still a language school student, I heard of Showa Women’s University (SWU) for the very first time. Professor Kashiwagi and Mr. Yamashita from Centre of International Exchange (CIE) came to introduce the bridge program and after the orientation.

After the orientation, I joined the bridge program and took a business English course in SWU for a semester. I came once a week for the classes and besides that, I also attended different international student events held by CIE. For example, I joined a law class to share my experience in Malaysia and in that class, the professor introduced the problems between globalization and the law in Japan.

In that semester, I attended different events and classes as a guest in SWU and I got a chance to really feel and discover the environment here. After a semester, I decided SWU is exactly where I want to go for university.




I would choose Showa Women’s University because there are lots of supporters for foreign students. For example, Center for International Exchange (CIE), or a school society which is called CHAWA. These society or organisations help foreign students a lot. Also, they help students to do job hunting, and as a result 95% of their graduate can find their job.

I thought to choose either the Psychology Department or Global Business Department. The Global Business Department gives a lot of chances to learn about globalisation to the students. Students need to learn business English, and their 2nd year, all the students need to go to Boston for seminars. I think it’s a great chance for students to broaden the horizons and learn about foreign business. As a foreigner, the advantage is we can speak more than one language. As business won’t stay at one place, foreigners can use their strength in business. So I think global business is very suitable for foreign students to choose.






One of the most important lessons I have learned in this journey in Japan is, we should always appreciate our time with people around us. It’s very simple, but it took me a long time to learn.

In this four years in Japan, from language school to university, I met many different people from all around the world. Some of them, we became close friends like family and always supporting each other. However, no matter how close we are, one day, they will leave to go back to their country or to somewhere new to start a new life. Saying goodbye to your closest friends is hard, but we all have to go through this experience. Therefore, I realized that since we could not change the fact, the only thing we could do is to appreciate the time we shared together with them.





Study in Japan is quite a fun experience. Classmates are friendly to foreign students and sometimes they will teach you Japanese that teenagers use.
On my 20 year old birthday I stayed in Japan. For Japanese, they think it is very important because after the age of 20, they are legally adult. At my birthday, I received many gifts and blessing. I felt surprise about it.

One of the things that makes me feel surprised in Japan is their Online shops. Things that you can imagine that you can buy everything from the online shop. It is not only products for daily use, but food and bed that you can buy on the internet.

Of course Japan is not a perfect country although it is really nice. Sometimes it might make you feel confused, like it has thousands of rules to remember. You can’t talk on a cell phone in the trains. There will be bicycles on the pavements. Luckily they do not affect you a lot.




As I mentioned before, you will meet a lot of people while you are studying in a different country. Most of the time, you have a different cultural background with the people you meet. Sometimes you will have different ideas or point of views with the others and sometimes they will change what you see the world. The most important thing is not to be trapped by a certain stereotype or bias, just let yourself to explore to many different voices in the world. In this way, you might discover something new and will be able to learn more about the world.



Studying abroad means you have to leave your comfort zone and go to a place that you are unfamiliar with. At first you might not have any friends. You need to do everything by yourself. You may feel lonely when you see your friends are playing together. But I think it is a great chance for you to grow. If you always stay in the comfort zone, your parents will help you to solve the problems. But what can you learn? Stay in the same place for too long will make me feel bored. It is steady but it’s not exciting. By this trip, I know about the importance of family, and I want to know how far I can grow. Please do not be afraid about studying abroad. I believe that you can earn a lot of experience in the future.

日本航空羽田地区見学へ [2017年10月14日(土)]
















朝から夕方まで15000 歩ほど歩き回った一日でしたが、色々な視点で航空産業を見て、聴いて、感じて、考えることができました。




MOS検定対策集中講座が始まりました! [2017年02月24日(金)]






ロンドン初のコーヒーハウスとメディアの歴史 [2016年09月07日(水)]




 ということで、メディア研究をする私としては、一度は行ってみたかった場所です。肝心の場所ですが、イギリスの金融の中心「シティ」の一角です。中央銀行のイングランド銀行からは歩いて3分程度。通りからとても細い路地を入った奥にあります。今は、Jamaica Wine Houseというバーが建っている場所です。場所柄、ここに集った人たちは様々な取引を行う人たちだったはずで、商売に関する情報交換が主目的だったのでしょう。