Community Artを受講して/After taking a community art course.

Community Artを受講して
歴史文化学科3A 杉山日向

このようにアートやコミュニティを通して学ぶことは多かった。自分にとって価値のある授業だった。Community Artで学んだことは無駄にせず、日々の学校生活で活かしていきたいと思う。

After taking a community art course
Department of History and Culture 3A
Hinata Sugiyama

Since this course was basically active learning, I felt it was important to always have initiative.
Most of the classes were group work, and there were many opportunities to exchange opinions within the group on a given theme, which led students to be active to speak to each other without relying on the teacher.
I naturally acquired the ability to output through those communications. I had often taken classes with a passive attitude because I had been reluctant to express my own opinion. However, with the help and stimulation of everyone in my group, I was able to actively express my thoughts. This was a big change for me.
As for the theme of the class, “art,” I was able to see a variety of art such as contemporary art and art for community revitalization, including visits to Setagaya Art Museum. I enjoyed seeing these art that I didn’t know, and it gave me a fresh feeling.
To sum up, I learned a lot through communities and arts. I would like to apply what I learned in Community Art in my daily school life.

英訳:コミュニティーアート(TUJ協働)TA 杉山舜(TUJ)