Today was my first day of work experience at the Showa library. I experienced a variety of jobs such as sorting the many books and magazines that arrive here and working in the storage rooms in the basement floors, and through this I learnt the way in which the books that are not displayed are managed and controlled. I was especially surprised by the amount of books stored in the basement and the moving bookcases. It was a fun experience and I am glad that I was able to learn a bit about the history of this library.




My impressions on the first day of work experience is that there are a lot of workers at the Showa Women`s University library. They all work together to keep the library at its best state.

I was surprised by the amount of facilities in the library. For example, they have small closed rooms where they can study peacefully and bigger meeting rooms where they can have group discussions. I realized that the students have a good working environment,