BSTインターンシップ生の感想 [2018年07月05日(木)]





Unfortunately, today was my last day of internship at the Showa library. The week passed by very quickly and I am glad that through this experience I was able to learn about a lot of things that occur in a library. For example, I learnt that before all of the books reach the bookshelves in a library the workers make sure that it would be as useful and easy as possible for the students to access and use. In this library, when you read a book you can write a small card about it to recommend to other students, and the library workers put it on the shelves where the books are located. On Wednesday I joined an event that was taking place in the library and made a Japanese ‘wahon,’ a book bound by string, which was very fun and interesting. I realized that in this library they do not only just lend books out, but they also organize fun events such as these to make users’ experiences at the library more enjoyable. I visited the underground storage room a few times more after the first day and every time I was astounded by the amount of books kept there and how old some of the books were.

Lastly, I was able to see how proper pictures of book pages and documents are taken. I was again surprised by the extremely high quality of the photos and I am very happy that I was able to see that because I have never seen machines or photos being taken like that before. I was able to learn more about how physical pages and drawings on books are digitalized and kept before the ink fades away.

I am extremely grateful of this very valuable experience that I was able to have this week.