Ship for South East Asian Youth Program
~From the acceptance to leaving Japan~     K.Y.



          It was in the late June when I received the tentative acceptance for SSEAYP 37th. For almost three months, I was busy preparing the tests they had required. When I received the letter, I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep well that day. However, I couldn’t be relaxed because it was not an official approval yet. I also had to join six-day-camp in July to be accepted. Being one of Japanese Participant Youths was not easy. It was just a beginning of the long journey.

              Having excitement and fear, I went to the camp. There were 38 members who looked diligent and efficient. During this camp, we listened to many people’s speeches, learned about the program, decided on our each role, and started practicing our performances on board. That was only six days, and we didn’t know each other at first, but we became really close at the end of this camp. Everyone worked so hard that all of us could be officially accepted on the last day of the camp.

              I thought that I would be less busy after the camp, but it was a huge mistake. The days after the camp were busier than before. I was in charge of Japanese participants’ attire and tea ceremony. As a leader of attire team, I dealt with clothing company, completed the designs on the clothes, collected data of everyone’s size and arranged the schedule of the delivery of the goods. I also went to a big Japanese sweets company to get sponsorship for SSEAYP as a leader of tea ceremony. While filling my roles, I had meetings, a lot of practicing for the performance and assignments for discussion sessions on board. Doing all things before getting on board was difficult, but I managed to finish all necessary preparation with supports and corporation from members.


     On the day I first met ASEAN youths was on October 22nd. We had an orientation session and local program by groups before we leave Japan on November 4th. When we left Japan, I was moved by the scenery. I also thought over what I had done for these three months, and I was filled with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement looking at the sun set.