Framingham State Univ. 英コミ留学生を応援します!

現在ボストン出張中の英コミ クリスティー・セージ先生が、フレーミングハム大学留学中の英コミ学生 石井さんと辻さんを訪ね、激励のメッセージをくださいました。


On Friday, we could visit Airi and Haruka at Framingham State
University who have been successfully accepted there for one semester.

They worked really hard on their English to enter this university and
they will have to study even harder now –  So let’s support them to do
well in their courses!  In most of their classes, they are the only
International students – Go Airi and Haruka!

We were really impressed with how they are not only studying hard, but
getting involved in American campus life.  They will do volunteering
with the university in the spring break and are getting along well
with their room mates.  They are also making use of the facilities
there, such as the gym, library, student services, specialized music
science labs and vegan food at the cafeteria!

Study hard and make the most of this opportunity and experience Airi and Haruka!