Recently, I attended an orientation for incoming new international/transfer students at CU Boulder since I take some classes at CU Boulder during the fall. I am super excited to study at this amazing university, but I was kind of overwhelmed by other international students (It seems like many of them have high school diploma in America…), and when I went to the university book store to buy textbooks after the orientation, I realized that I have 5 books for just ONE class. I was like, “No, I won’t make it, It’s going to be too hard for me. But the important thing is to challenge which I often try to avoid, and I think people can be skilled and better by going through hard times. Also, I won’t experience American college life again in my lifetime, so I decided to put myself in a harder place. I hope I’ll do great (or pass all classes at least), and will go back to Japan with a satisfied smile. Wish me luck! 🙂

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So excited to go and listen to a lecture and speech by Jane Goodall and the 14th Dalai Lama at CU this fall!! Literally I can’t wait for them!!!