Parents’ Day (3rd, 4th and 5th Year only) February 13th [2016年02月23日(火)]

Students hosted SGH Presentation sessions on February 13th.

First, students presented a general outline of the SGH activities conducted this school year.

Next, each of the four senior high school LABO groups gave presentations on the results of their research under the theme of “Career Design Project”. Studying abroad programs in summer for SGH LABO made it possible for them to grow in international understanding and communication ability.

Parent 1     parent 2

Third, the 5th year students also conducted sessions to share their research on the various service learning initiatives they undertook throughout this school year.

They presented proposals for solving the problems and challenges facing society.


Finally, representative students from the 4th year gave presentations on their five Research Excursion for Global Exchange trips.The presentations included information they learned before their trip such as the characteristics and local issues of the areas they visited.

Parents could understand how valuable this global experience was.










The Five SGH Schools Conference on Fieldwork in Cambodia held in January 2016 [2016年01月20日(水)]


The Five SGH Schools Conference on Fieldwork and Research in Cambodia was conducted earlier this year on January 9th and 10th.

We welcomed guests from around Japan, from Miyagi to Hyogo. Some of the participants were senior high school teachers and other people involved in the education field.

Day 1: Nishiyamato Gakuen, Hiroshima, Jogakuin , Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture, Okayama Gakugeikan and Showa which share a common interest, held a SGH Conference at Yoyogi, Tokyo.

After the orientation, some representative students from each school gave a presentation about their research and fieldwork in Cambodia.

These rewarding sessions not only inspired us but also made us think about the actual situation in Cambodia from a new and more informed point of view.


We invited two distinguished speakers: The first speaker, Mr. Yamada, a lecturer from Niigata International University, gave a comprehensive lecture about the status quo in politics and economy in Cambodia.

Also, Ms. Moriya, a spokesperson from the UNHCR talked about the present situation in developing countries and the refugee problem, which was so informative. After the interesting QA sessions, we came to think more deeply about these issues.

Cambo 3

Day 2: A workshop was conducted to discuss some social problems in Cambodia and we helped each other to make group presentations.

We had a long session to discuss some challenges and issues such as insufficient education, dependence on foreign aid, and economic problems in Cambodia.

This was followed by some suggestions we developed among ourselves:

1) We can establish a kind of forum for interaction among children in Cambodia and Japan in order to foster them to become facilitators in the future.

2) We can offer dormitory accommodation for working students to study more easily.

3) We can set goals for sharing information in each country by making use of SNS communication.


Cambo 4        Cambo 5

These two days made us realize how important it is to have ties with other high schools to obtain further our global vision and develop a deeper understanding.

We are sure that having such an opportunity to share our experiences about Cambodia will keep stimulating us from now on.





SGH Conference: Open Classes, Lectures and Panel Discussion [2015年01月30日(金)]

On January 24th, Showa held a number of SGH open classes, lectures, and a panel discussion. We welcomed guests from all around Japan, from Hokkaido to Hiroshima. Many were senior high school teachers from Super Global High Schools and their associates; people involved in education. Ninety people attended the event.

For the morning program, some representative students gave presentations for the Fourth Year Class Research Excursion for Global Exchange, while the 5th year English and Japanese faculties had open classes focusing on discussion and debate. The students also conducted sessions to present their year-long research on service learning.

sgh gate photo No2                          

The welcome banner at the school gate        The Malaysian group’s research presentation

debate 5th year                           LABO 1 female global leader

A fifth grade class debate                        A student gives her research (LABO) presentation

The panel discussion on Fostering Innovative Global Leaders in the afternoon took place in the Green Hall.  The speakers started by presenting short lectures.

Mr. Tono, a professor from the Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, gave a lecture entitled, “Fundamentals of English Ability for Nurturing Global Leaders”. A lecture by Mr. Kooroki, the chief of the Community Service Learning Center at Showa Women’s University followed. His topic was “Service Learning for Senior High School Students”.  Next, our SGH advisor and university’s Vice President Ms. Tomoko Kaneko spoke on “Nurturing Students to Set Challenges and become Global Leaders”.  The lectures were very informative and inspiring.

The three experts then accepted questions from the audience.

green hall lecture Mr kooroki                           panel discussion

Mr. Hiroshi Kooroki gives a speech.             Our principal chaired the panel discussion.

The 3rd SGH activity announcement [2014年07月02日(水)]

We visited the head office of Fuji Xerox.
This is the place where Mr. Hibiya, who had given us a lecture the other day, is working.

We had a chance to see around the large office where as many as 400 people are working,
and the conference rooms, cafeterias and so on.
After the tour, the head of the general affairs department, who has worked in Thailand for several years,
gave us a lecture.He told us that the important thing when working in a global society is , “to respect each other” .

We were also taught that the content of the work doesn’t change much wherever we are, even though we are from different cultures.
We asked him some questions, and we learned that the experience we have leads to how deeply we think.
We are sure that through these experiences, we can expand our horizons.



富士ゼロックス株式会社 ミッドタウン本社を訪問させていただきました。












The 2nd SGH activity announcement [2014年06月13日(金)]

In 2014, our school was designated as a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Super Global High School (SGH). We are working on a project called Problem Solving Projects for Women’s Global Career Design – developing a wider knowledge and career designing abilities necessary for women’s global leadership.

On June 3rd, the SGH activities began in earnest. Mr. Takeshi Hibiya, an inspector with Fuji Xerox and adviser to the research project, Research for ‘Women Global Leaders Active as Individual and in Companies’, presented a lecture titled Working and the Human Resources Required by Companies.

Mr. Hibiya listened to each student’s opinion and advised them as to how they could accomplish their mission as leaders and related it to Showa’s three school mottos that are also designed to foster further knowledge and experience in order to be a leader.

To work is to embark on a mission and acknowledge one’s responsibility. He taught the students the importance of knowing how to judge between ‘what should be done’ and ‘what shouldn’t be done’ and to raise their awareness and foster a more determined approach in their school lives from now on.

Through this research project, students are learning how to meaningfully enhance their activities with virtue, further their education and develop a partnership to come closer to being the person they want to be.


本校は、文部科学省による平成26年度スーパーグローバルハイスクール(SGH)に指定されました。【女性のグローバルなキャリアデザインに対する課題解決プロジェクト】に取り組み、女性のグローバルリーダーに必要な国際的素養とキャリアデザイン力を育成しています。6月3日(火)の総合的な学習の時間から、いよいよ本格的なSGHの活動が始まりました。プロジェクト研究の1つである「企業や個人で活躍する女性グローバルリーダーの研究」でアドバイザーをしてくださっている富士ゼロックス株式会社 常勤監査役の日比谷武先生に『働くこと、企業が求める人材』についてご講演をしていただきました。講演では、SGHのメンバーひとりひとりの発言に耳を傾けてくださりながら、以下のような話を伺いました。