Eikomi Research Forum

On the 4th of March, 2015 the Eicomi Department held its annual Research Forum.  This year, Landau sensei and Yamamoto sensei gave a 30 minute presentation on their respective research fields.  Landau sensei’s presentation was first and was entitled Emily Dickinson and the Image of Home in 19th Century New England.  Linkage to social theory and interpretation of a poem resulted in an interesting Q&A and discussion session afterwards.



Yamamoto sensei’s presentation followed with the title, Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Discourse: First and Second Language Acquisition and Ethno-methodology.  Discourse analysis data and transcripts of conversations in both Japanese and English revealed results that the audience found intriguing and another Q&A and discussion session ensued.


Thank you to Landau sensei and Yamamoto sensei for their highly informative research presentations!