英コミ4年のチヒロです。 11月11日にU.S.- Japan Councilから3名の女性リーダー、Mya Fisher さん、Julie Azumaさん、 Nozomi Teraoさんをお迎えし、ご本人の経歴、なぜ今の仕事に就いたのか、今のお仕事に就くまでにどのような経緯があったのかを詳しくお話しいただきました。3名の方に共通していたことは「自分の興味を持ったことは挑戦してみる」ということでした。自分自身を磨く情熱や他人のために何かできることはないかと問いかけ、それを行動に起こす実行力。私のロールモデルにもなる三名でした。”NOW OR NEVER” 「今しなければ一生やらない」を常に考えて、これからの未来を切り拓いていきたいと思いました。   P1030381 (600x450)   Today we invited 3 amazing women leaders from America. Ms. Mya Fisher, Ms. Julie Azuma and Ms. Nozomi Terao. They talked about their career life as well as their personal life. What their point in common was “ why not to try out if you are interested in” and I thought if you would like to achieve something that you really want to do it, you need a passion to do it. Also you need to ask yourself that is there something that you can do as good things for others. If you are ready to do that, now you need courage to make that happen, too. But people often get scared to choose decision because we never know that its going to work out or not. So most people will give up on which they are passionate about. However those 3 women were different, they did it. They tried themselves and they believed in themselves, too. I am very glad I could meet such a wonderful women who I can look up to and have respect.  “NOW OR NEVER” these are very wise words that we should allkeep in mind.