英国短期留学 Day 15 [2016年03月30日(水)]

At last we have to leave Cheltenham this morning.

Each host family kindly sent us off with gentle smiles.  We could not help crying.  “Oh, do not cry…” said host families.  We hugged each other and promised to meet again soon.

The last word we said each other was “Good bye”.

Day 15 goodbye 1  Day15 goodbye 2

Day 15 goodbye 3  Day 15 goodbye 4

Lastly we visited Windsor Castle.  The royal flag was seen on the top of the tower of the castle.  This meant that the Queen Elizabeth was staying there probably because she was on Easter holiday.





At the gate we could hear the perky sound of the brass band played by the guards.

It was the changing of the guard.  We saw them dressed in red uniform!  We were so lucky that we could see both season uniforms: summer at Windsor and winter at Buckingham Palace.


Spring has come to England.

We will soon come home, Tokyo where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Showa Viewで私たちの英国短期留学15日間を



英国短期留学 Day 14 [2016年03月29日(火)]

In the morning, we had the last lessons of this program.  We did final rehearsals for today’s research presentations.

  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE  Day 14 Morning Class 1  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

After lunch, the English teachers gave the Showa students their certificates and reports and two students from each class got a prize: one for the most improved student and the other for the winner of the weekend excursion quizzes.


We welcomed our host family in the entrance hall and finally our speech presentations started in front of big audiences!

Each student did her best.  We were so delighted to be able to show our ideas and share them with our host families.  This experience will help us a lot in the near future.


Here is our Farewell Party Program:

Ⅰ.Speech Presentation

Ⅱ.Class Performance (Songs / Quizzes)

Ⅲ.Showa Student’s Performance (①Solo Piano  ②Dance)

Ⅳ.  Songs (①Meguriai ②Ob-la-di Ob-la-da ③Ue-wo-Muite Aruko)

Ⅴ.Speech from Showa student leader

Ⅵ.Closing Speech from Tour leader


Day 14 Jess and student  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

The farewell party was a real success and the students and host families enjoyed themselves.

The party finished around six and the Showa students left the school with their host family. Tomorrow morning when we have to leave Cheltenham will be a really hard moment for us, however, we promise to return here soon as we feel this town is a second home for us.


英国短期留学 Day 12 [2016年03月28日(月)]

Today was a full day of excursions.

First, we visited Strat-upon-Avon, 45 minutes drive from Cheltenham. This is the place where William Shakespeare, the most renowned playwright in the world, was born.

Day12 Anne's cottage 1  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
 We started this tour by visiting the cottage of his wife: Ann Hathaway.  She was from a very rich family, which is clearly reflected in the family’s clothing and furniture which were beautifully displayed in the delightful cottage.


We took some photos of the lovely garden. “One, two, three and smile!”

Day12 Inoue-san  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Then, we walked along the church yard to Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare was christened and buried.
Exif_JPEG_PICTURE  Day12 Trinity church 2
People in the church seemed to be busy preparing for the Easter Sunday Service. Flowers for celebration were beautifully arranged and we could hear the organ being practised.
Day12 Trinity 3  Day12 Trinity 4

We went into Shakespeare’s Birthplace, a big cottage.  There we could see a lot of leather gloves and tools for artisans since his father was a glove merchant.

Day12 Birth place 1  Day12 leather

We were able to request two actors to play the most famous scene in his play, “Romeo and Juliet” on the small circle stage in the garden.  Also we saw the wall book which introduced all of Shakespeare’s play.


After lunch, we visited Warwick Castle which was built in the 11th century.


Climbing up the thirty-nine meter high Towers brought us to a stunning views of the landscape which made us feel as if we were warriors in the European Medieval age.



The Boston Mission 2【Day.10】 [2016年03月27日(日)]




午後はFarewell Partyが行われ、楽しい時間を過ごしました。

2  1  33

10日間過ごした部屋を「来た時よりもきれいに」と意識してclean upしました。

「立つ鳥跡を濁さず」”Leave everything neat and clean behind you.”







2016年3月。今年のThe Boston Missionを終了いたします。


The Boston Mission 2【Day.9】 [2016年03月26日(土)]


午前中にはHarvard Art Museum とハーバード自然史博物館他、



10  12




“What one likes to do, one generally does well.”

13  14

<Aat Group>(写真をクリックすると拡大されます)


<History Group>

h1 h2 h3

<School Group>

S1 S2

S3 S4




20  21

英国短期留学 Day 11 [2016年03月26日(土)]

Today is the first day of the Easter holidays.  We were lucky and had lovely weather!  The sun shined brightly and the sky was blue.

Everyone we met said to each other, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Day 11 bus    Day 11 mother & student    Day 11 bus2

In the morning assembly, four students made a short speech about what they had for dinner.

Today was the final day that we had lessons in the Pump Room.  We promised that we would speak English as much as possible without using Japanese.


Now we have almost finished the script for the final presentations.

 So, we need to improve it.  We learned that when we deliver a speech we should keep in mind several points such as facial expressions, stress, voice, gestures and eye contact.

Teachers checked every script very carefully to make sure their presentations are grammatically correct and engaging.

 Day 11 A class students    Day 11 rhiannon and students

Day 11 susan's students    Day 11 Jacquie

Showa students practised their speech by themselves outside of the classroom and even in the beautiful grounds of the Pitville Pump Room.

Day 11 on the grass    Day 11 outside

If the noble men of the nineteenth century had been here, they would have been surprised to see our girls working so hard on their speeches.

Day11 pump room ceiling

See you next week!

英国短期留学 Day 10 [2016年03月25日(金)]

Today it was cloudy and rainy which is very typical British weather.  We found a squirrel in the park.

Day 10 リス


We had English lessons all day: in the morning we wrote our speech presentation in pairs.  Even at break time, they were eager to improve their presentations.

They were doing their best to use their English

 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE    Day 10 alex

Their themes are quite various which are as follows:  “How the British people spend their holidays”, “The difference between Japanese tea ceremony and the English afternoon tea”, “Sweets in England and Japan”, “Japanese bento and English packed lunch” etc.

You can see lovely photos of sweets below which a teacher brought for their research sample.

Day 10 sweets    Day 10 Jaq

After school, we visited the houses where three of our students stayed.  It was not announced which house we would visit.


We asked their host family some questions:  “Is the girl’s room tidy?” or “Does she help with her family at home?”

They answered, “She is a nice girl and willing to help them.  Her English has been improving since she came here.”  We are glad to hear that

The Boston Mission 2【Day.8】 [2016年03月25日(金)]


今日は全員でRising Tide Charter Public Schoolを訪ねました。




16 10 11

1 2 3


9 6








「光陰矢の如し」Time flies like an arrow.


昭和中学校卒業式兼昭和中学校・高等学校終業式 [2016年03月24日(木)]

115 33


a c


英国短期留学 Day 9 [2016年03月24日(木)]

Today Showa students arrived at the Pump Room morning assembly in non-school clothes. Each morning, Jeffrey announces the day`s schedule in English so the students listen carefully and seriously.

Then a student makes an improvised speech about what they did the previous day. This is a really good experience for us.


The aim of today’s lesson was to do individual research speech presentation with the advice of their English teacher and assistant teacher.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE  Day 9 lesson 1

At break time, Showa students looked relaxed with their snacks.  English teachers and assistant teachers got together and enjoyed their tea and cookies.


In the 2nd period, they learned about “the Cotswolds”, which we visited the  afternoon.  Our destination was Bibury and Bourton-on-the-Water.

On the bus on the way to the villages we saw beautiful and gentle English hills where sheep were eating grass.

After a 50 minute ride we reached Bibury where we saw beautiful honey coloured Cotswold stone buildings. We had a nice walk along the river.

Day 9 Bibury Alex  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
Then at Bourton-on-the-Water we saw the famous low bridges over the river and enjoyed lovely cream teas.
Exif_JPEG_PICTURE  Day 9 Bourton cream tea