Japan Studies: Activity⑦ Ghibli Museum
Today was the long awaited visit to the Ghibli Museum! We were welcomed at the museum by none other than Totoro, who was waiting for us at the entrance of the museum! Inside, we could walk through several rooms that took us through the journey of how Miyazaki created his animated films. We even got the special treat of being able to see a short animated feature that could only be seen at the museum. The students were even able to go to the rooftop where a 5 meter tall Laputan robot (from “Castle in the Sky”)towered over as the guardian of the museum! Other popular attractions included physical recreations from “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and props from “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

Cross-Cultural Workshop ⑧
In the afternoon, the groups for the Cross-Cultural Collaborative Workshop practiced their presentation that they prepared at Tomei Gakurin. Many of the presentations involved themes about marriage, love, career, education, and other related issues to gender roles in different societies. The students were able to summarize the data they gathered from their peer interviews into concise powerpoints. Many of them were funny and full of great information! The audience was also able to give feedback to the groups, so they will be able to make great presentations on Saturday, before the closing ceremony!

Aikido Practice and Demonstration
After the presentations, the participants got a chance to see the Aikido club in action.The club advisor walked us through some of the basic moves of Aikido (both sitting and standing), and the students in the club demonstrated for us. Afterward, we were able to witness a faux match between two of the Aikido club members. The member with the red belt won with much cheering from the audience! The international students were also able to try out some simple Aikido moves with some help from the club members. Even though we were not able to flip each other over (like the Aikido club members), we still learned a lot about this Japanese martial art!