SSIP swu summer international program 2018

  • 2018年7月11日


Today was the culmination of all the Cross-Cultural Workshops! Each group presented a few advertisements they had found inter […]

  • 2018年7月10日


It was an early day for all of us with breakfast starting at 7:00AM in Tomei! We ate together before packing up and cleaning […]

  • 2018年7月9日


We started the day with a great breakfast in the cafeteria in Tomei Gakurin! Difficult as it was to get up, the breakfast gav […]

  • 2018年7月6日


We checked out from the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center for the last time today! Then, we took a bus to the National T […]

  • 2018年7月4日


Lecture on Bento & Cooking Class Cross-Cultural Workshop ⑨⑩ Today, Akiyama-sensei gave a lecture on the history of bento, […]

  • 2018年7月3日


Check out from Ohashi Kaikan Lecture on Religious Views Lecture on Design Special Lecture on North Korea, China, US – a […]

  • 2018年6月30日


CCW 5-6 Rather than having formal courses, the students spent the day out and about. With their Cross Cultural Workshop group […]

  • 2018年6月29日


Lecture on Film; Ghibli Museum For today, the students finally had a chance to reflect on and discuss the film, Tokyo Story, […]

  • 2018年6月28日


Special Lecture on Paris Convention and Global Environmental Problems; Lecture on Kabuki; Lecture on Business Project While t […]

  • 2018年6月27日


Japanese Tea Ceremony; CCW 5-6 Today, we gathered in the tatami mat room used by the tea ceremony club here at Showa. We bega […]