2-2.夏季交流プログラム Summer International Program

SSIP2016-DAY20 [2016年07月10日(日)]

SSIP 20日目は、東明学林から鎌倉へ。快晴に恵まれ、とても暑い一日でした! 鶴岡八幡宮や高徳院の鎌倉大仏を観光し、伝統的な精進料理を堪能しました。おみくじを引いたり、美しい庭に感動したりと大いに満喫したようでした。


Sunday, July 10

It was a beautiful if scorching day as the the students toured Kamakura. After checking out of Tomei Gakurin, we stopped first at Kotokuin, where we took in the great Bhudda statue!



Even though it was mid-morning, it was hot enough that more than a few students bought ice cream. After that, we stopped for a traditional shojin-ryori meal on the main street of Kamakura, and took a walk up to the Hachimangu shrine.

P1070666 P1070667

After some free time to explore the area, we got back on the bus for our last stop at the gardens of Kenchoji.

P1070674 P1070677 P1070683 P1070685 P1070686 P1070691 P1070692 P1070700 P1070740 P1070776 P1070850

Worn out, everyone dozed on the ride back to Tokyo. P1070857 P1070858

P1070649 P1070650 P1070654

SSIP2016-DAY19 [2016年07月09日(土)]

その後、夕食を済ませるとお待ちかねの花火TIME( ^◇^ )

Saturday, July 9

It was a slow, rainy morning at Tomei Gakurin as students prepared to finish their projects.

P1070442 IMG_1255

After a morning of group work, they took a quick lunch before starting their presentation practice.

P1070445 P1070450

P1070459 P1070458P1070465


But as a reward for all their hard work, this evening we had an hour of fireworks! After a day of near constant rain, the weather cleared up, and everyone enjoyed playing with sparklers to celebrate their last night at Tomei.

P1070469 P1070470

P1070493 P1070495 P1070502 P1070503 P1070511 P1070515 P1070518 P1070520

P1070526 P1070529 P1070538 P1070572 P1070599P1070556

SSIP2016-DAY18 [2016年07月08日(金)]

SSIP18日目からの3日間は、期間中宿泊していたセンターにサヨナラをし、Cross-Cultural Workshop参加者全員で東明学林へ!!!



Friday, July 8

Another day of field trips! After bidding adieu to the National Olympic Center,


our home base for the last few weeks, we headed first to the Edo Tokyo museum.



Full of interactive exhibits, models, and life size replicas of things from Edo/Tokyo’s history, an hour and a half in the museum seemed too short.

P1070352 P1070366 P1070371

P1070385 P1070369

P1070356-min P1070372-min

P1070383 P1070379 

P1070394-min P1070401

Then, with Ash-sensei as our guide, we roamed the streets of Asakusa, had a traditional tempura lunch, and toured Senso-ji temple.


P1070404 P1070406 P1070405


s_P1070427 P1070429 s_P1070416


Finally, we set off for Tomei Gakurin, one of Showa’s school training facilities. Tucked into the mountainside, it’s a great retreat for finishing our Cross-Cultural Workshop projects!

P1070430 P1070431

P1070434 P1070433



SSIP2016-DAY17 [2016年07月07日(木)]


Thursday, July 7

Today was all about history and fashion. After a joint lecture with Showa students on the history of Edo/Tokyo, the girls took a quick lunch and got ready for an overview of Japanese fashion.

P1070305 P1070306

Thanks to our friends at Japan Life Design Systems, we received an overview of fashion trends and changes both in Japan and worldwide from the 1960s up to the present.

P1070308 P1070310

P1070314 P1070312

Then, to see what fashion today looks like in action, we headed to Lumine headquarters in Shinjuku for a presentation of how these department stores work today. It was an interesting if HOT tour, and the store coupons we received at the end were just icing on the cake.

P1070315 P1070318

P1070325 P1070331 P1070332 P1070333


SSIP2016-DAY16 [2016年07月06日(水)]

午後からはCross-Cultural Workshopで日本の広告について、各グループに分かれテーマごとに話し合いを進めました。

Tuesday, July 5

Today, the morning started with a trip to the Showa elementary school wing. In a tour led by the elementary school principal, students observed math, English, music, woodshop, and art classes, gaining a better appreciation of what primary school in Japan is like.


P1070224 P1070230 P1070231 P1070237 P1070244 P1070251

Immediately afterward, the students had a highly interactive lecture on Japanese education, and education around the world.

P1070261 P1070263

P1070256 P1070275

P1070257 P1070269

Today’s Cross-Cultural Workshop was on data analysis, with each group looking at advertisements from different parts of Tokyo.

SSIP2016-DAY15 [2016年07月05日(火)]


Tuesday, July 5

After a morning off, today the students took in a Kabuki performance at the National Theater. Designed specifically for newcomers to kabuki, the show started with an explanation of important parts of the stage, music, and props before the real performance began.

P1070213 P1070217

The play Sanjusangendo Munagi no Yurai, told the story of a willow tree spirit and her family, a tragic performance about love and loss. Although at times classical music made people sleepy, the show was a hit among students.



SSIP2016-DAY12~13 [2016年07月03日(日)]

SSIP12 ~13日目は、SSIPの中でも留学生がとても楽しみにしている一泊二日のホームステイでした!


さて、どんな週末を過ごしたのでしょうか(*^ ^*)

Saturday, July 2

After a session of data collection out in the city, students returned to Showa on Saturday for one of the most anticipated parts of the program: the homestay!

P1070173 P1070176

P1070177 P1070207

P1070179 P1070183

P1070181 P1070184

P1070201 P1070186

P1070189 P1070190 P1070193 P1070194 P1070196 P1070203P1070199


Armed with gifts from home and lots of excitement, students met their homestay families and prepared for a one night, two-day stay with an ordinary Japanese family. From trips to Enoshima, visits to onsen, and trips to cat cafes, the students had enthusiastic guides to the city, and made connections that can last a lifetime.



So excited to meet my host family! Though there’s a little bump before we meet each other, but I’m so glad I met my host mom Maki. Shes really a kind and friendly lady, always asking if there’s anything I want to go or places I went before. We went right back to her home, she introduced me her 2 beautiful daughters Rio and Risa. Then we head off to the supermarket to buy the fresh ingredients for dinner DIY sushi! It’s always a little dream of mine to make my own sushi one day, and that night was really a dream come true. After dinner, with homemade jelly, Maki and her husband and I chatted about almost everything. From studying ,culture sharing, business and so on. It’s a special opportunity for me to have the chance to talk with them and spend some quality time to get to know each other more! Next day after their delicious homemade breakfast, Maki and I went out for some sightseeing. We went to a shrine was famous for 德川family, it was magnificent and breathtaking. I wrote a wishing card for my family and tied it on the bamboo tree along the festival that was on then, and the story behind it was so adorable. Later on, we went to the one and only Tokyo tower. Then we went to a Japanese traditional garden, Maki told me that if we were lucky we might see traditional weddings held around the area. Guess what? We saw two of them, I felt so special and happy. After lunch, Maki and Risa brought me to the hot spring, which I have never ever tried before and never thought I would have the courage to do so. I was so shy at the beginning, since we must take off all our clothes for that and I have never been naked in front of so many people before. Still, I was excited to try the local style of hot spring, it’s a big step for me to do that. All I can say is you never try you will never know! After the whole experience I felt amazing, and can not wait to bring others to join with me next time I visit! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful and friendly host family while my stay, I will cherish every moment we spent. Looking forward to visit them again next time I visit!

SSIP2016-DAY11 [2016年07月01日(金)]


午前中はハローキティで有名なサンリオへ企業訪問し、午後は杉並アニメーションミュージアムでアフレコ体験ののち、中野ブロードウェイを散策しました!! ポップカルチャーからサブカルチャーまで一日を通して堪能しました。


Friday, July 1 Getting up bright and early today, we started a day of excursions at Sanrio, home of Hello Kitty. After learning about the history of the company and its products,

P1070054 P1070057 P1070060 P1070071 P1070074

a tour of the show room and the President’s meeting room rounded off a fun trip.

P1070088 P1070091

P1070114 P1070113 P1070107


P1070116 P1070095 P1070098 P1070103




From there, two trains and a bus took us to the Suginami Animation Museum, where, with the guidance of Shigematsu-sensei we learned about classic anime production and the anime history in Suginami. Our final stop was the famous Nakano Broadway, home to famous stores selling figurines, manga volumes, and much, much more! It was a long day, but a lot of fun!

P1070125 P1070130 P1070131


P1070133 P1070153

P107015 P1070152







SSIP2016-DAY9 [2016年06月29日(水)]


その後、Cross-Cultural Workshopでは引き続き、異文化交流と広告についてグループにわかれてテーマを設け、話し合いを進めました。


Wednesday, June 29

Following Chancellor Bando’s lesson from the day before, today the students had a lunch interview with Japanese women.





In the afternoon, the Cross Cultural Workshop started their research project on advertising. Dividing into groups, they went over research locations and began making plans for data collection.


P1070032 P1070031P1070028 P1070042 P1070041 P1070045 P1070026



SSIP2016-DAY8 [2016年06月28日(火)]

SSIP7日目は、まずJapan StudiesSSIPで風呂敷の包み方についてレクチャーを受けました!包むものによって様々な形になる風呂敷に、みんな楽しそうに実践していました♪


Tuesday, June 28

Tuesday started with a lesson on Furoshiki, both it’s history and different ways of tying the cloth. Students made bags, wrapping paper, and bottle carriers, and received a furoshiki to take home with them.

P1060903 P1060905 P1060910 P1060916

P1060917 P1060935

P1060941 P1060944

In the afternoon, a lecture on Kabuki prepared students for a performance later in the week,

P1060946 P1060947 P1060957

and a special lecture by Chancellor Bando on Japanese women made for an interesting afternoon!


P1060964 P1060973 P1060976