SSIP swu summer international program 2017

  • 2017年7月21日


It’s hard to believe today was the last day of the program! Three weeks have gone by far too quickly. The day began with the […]

  • 2017年7月21日


It was a sweltering hot day, and the SSIP students, interns, and staff woke up early to clean up, pack up, and move out of To […]

  • 2017年7月18日


Another day dawned on SSIP, as everyone got up for breakfast together before getting into their groups to work on their final […]

  • 2017年7月18日


Everyone was in for a busy and action-packed day today! The students and interns woke up bright and early to check out of the […]

  • 2017年7月18日


Students were in for a lighter workload today, as they arrived at the Global Lounge at 2:40pm for another cross-culture works […]

  • 2017年7月14日


Today, a previous SSIP intern, Kathy Tran, returned to present on her thesis topic: “Joshi Ryoku,” what it means, how it’s us […]

  • 2017年7月13日


 On the first day of July, the students once again arrived at the Global Lounge for the cross-cultural workshops led by Audre […]

  • 2017年7月13日


Screening of Future Boy Conan and Ghibli Museum Visit This morning we had a brief lecture by Yamazaki-san covering the histor […]

  • 2017年7月12日


History of Tokyo Lecture and Tokyo National Museum Visit  This morning, Sensei-Shimoda gave an insightful introduction to 400 […]

  • 2017年7月12日


This morning Chancellor Bando gave a lecture on women in Japanese Society, informing the students of the continual shifts in […]