SSIP12 ~13日目は、SSIPの中でも留学生がとても楽しみにしている一泊二日のホームステイでした!


さて、どんな週末を過ごしたのでしょうか(*^ ^*)

Saturday, July 2

After a session of data collection out in the city, students returned to Showa on Saturday for one of the most anticipated parts of the program: the homestay!

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Armed with gifts from home and lots of excitement, students met their homestay families and prepared for a one night, two-day stay with an ordinary Japanese family. From trips to Enoshima, visits to onsen, and trips to cat cafes, the students had enthusiastic guides to the city, and made connections that can last a lifetime.



So excited to meet my host family! Though there’s a little bump before we meet each other, but I’m so glad I met my host mom Maki. Shes really a kind and friendly lady, always asking if there’s anything I want to go or places I went before. We went right back to her home, she introduced me her 2 beautiful daughters Rio and Risa. Then we head off to the supermarket to buy the fresh ingredients for dinner DIY sushi! It’s always a little dream of mine to make my own sushi one day, and that night was really a dream come true. After dinner, with homemade jelly, Maki and her husband and I chatted about almost everything. From studying ,culture sharing, business and so on. It’s a special opportunity for me to have the chance to talk with them and spend some quality time to get to know each other more! Next day after their delicious homemade breakfast, Maki and I went out for some sightseeing. We went to a shrine was famous for 德川family, it was magnificent and breathtaking. I wrote a wishing card for my family and tied it on the bamboo tree along the festival that was on then, and the story behind it was so adorable. Later on, we went to the one and only Tokyo tower. Then we went to a Japanese traditional garden, Maki told me that if we were lucky we might see traditional weddings held around the area. Guess what? We saw two of them, I felt so special and happy. After lunch, Maki and Risa brought me to the hot spring, which I have never ever tried before and never thought I would have the courage to do so. I was so shy at the beginning, since we must take off all our clothes for that and I have never been naked in front of so many people before. Still, I was excited to try the local style of hot spring, it’s a big step for me to do that. All I can say is you never try you will never know! After the whole experience I felt amazing, and can not wait to bring others to join with me next time I visit! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful and friendly host family while my stay, I will cherish every moment we spent. Looking forward to visit them again next time I visit!