SSIP 20日目は、東明学林から鎌倉へ。快晴に恵まれ、とても暑い一日でした! 鶴岡八幡宮や高徳院の鎌倉大仏を観光し、伝統的な精進料理を堪能しました。おみくじを引いたり、美しい庭に感動したりと大いに満喫したようでした。


Sunday, July 10

It was a beautiful if scorching day as the the students toured Kamakura. After checking out of Tomei Gakurin, we stopped first at Kotokuin, where we took in the great Bhudda statue!



Even though it was mid-morning, it was hot enough that more than a few students bought ice cream. After that, we stopped for a traditional shojin-ryori meal on the main street of Kamakura, and took a walk up to the Hachimangu shrine.

P1070666 P1070667

After some free time to explore the area, we got back on the bus for our last stop at the gardens of Kenchoji.

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Worn out, everyone dozed on the ride back to Tokyo. P1070857 P1070858

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