毎日放課後,English Room に行きました。
English Roomの中は、学生が外国人教師と英語ではなします。

The first week, I was with class 4D, and the second week, I was with class 5F.  They were incredibly sweet to me – a few of the girls wanted to go to American university or study abroad in an English-speaking country and had amazing English, so they translated the lectures and homework for me. All of the girls had really good English, which surprised me – we had to take Spanish in my school, but none of us were any good!

The school life at the high school was very different from my high school experience. I never had a homeroom, so I was with different classmates for every subject and I never had morning or afternoon meetings. I was also surprised that they ate lunch in their classroom – I always ate in the cafeteria or went out to a restaurant! And students at my high school definitely never had to clean our school. I really liked the cleaning time at Showa, though – it gave me a chance to meet students from all grades, and afterwards we played fun Japanese games! One day, we played dodge-ball, which I thought I knew how to play – but the Japanese rules are very different!

I got to attend a huge variety of classes. Some classes were very similar to my high school, such as math, chemistry, and biology, and I could understand the lectures fairly well. I even took an exam in chemistry class, but I think I did pretty poorly because I couldn’t understand any of the kanji. Other classes were very different, such as the Japanese culture classes. I attended both calligraphy and tea ceremony class, which were both very difficult. My calligraphy was pretty atrocious, but one of the students in the class wrote my name in kanji for me beautifully. Some of the students even drew American cartoon characters for me!

At the end of my time at Showa High-school, the girls from both 4D and 5F gave me beautiful going away presents, with handwritten notes in English. The girls in 5F even drew a picture of me! I will miss all the girls there so much – they taught me so much about Japanese school life, and I hope I’ll be able to stay in touch with them.

I had a fantastic time at the Jr./Sr. High School, and this week, I’m visiting the kindergarten!