SSIP13日目は、丸1日東明学林で過ごし、多文化協働プロジェクトのワークショップを行いました。東明学林には先に幼稚部の子たちが滞在していたので、お昼の時間帯にゲームをしたり幼稚部の子たちが作ってくれたカレーを一緒に食べて交流しました。また、幼稚部の子たちは『Let It Go』も歌ってくれたので、留学生たちもとても喜んでいました(*´▽`*)幼稚部の子にも素敵な思い出になっていると良いな~♪

Cross-Cultural Workshop⑤
In the morning, students paired up in their groups to interview each other for their final presentations. The purpose of the assignment is to analyze the data they gather from their life stories, and see if gender roles were important in forming those incidents. One of the participants said that they thought the interviews were very fun and that they were able to “find many differences between [their] cultures.” Another student described the experience as being “more like a conversation than an interview.”

Kindergarten Showa
After the first workshop session, kindergarteners from Showa (who were also on a trip to Tomei Gakurin) met with the Cross-Cultural students in groups. They played games together, and the kindergarteners also performed “Let It Go” for their guests! When they left, each student a got hug from the kids they met. One students said, “Even though the kids were shy, they were really cute!” For lunch, the SSIP participants ate curry made for them by the same kindergarteners! One student really liked the curry even though she normally doesn’t like the curry that much. Looks like the kids did a good job!

Cross-Cultural Workshop⑥・⑦
In the afternoon, the Cross-Cultural students finished up their interviews and prepared their presentations. They worked really hard for many hours, but, in between their project, they enjoyed a small cake break and a delicious dinner made by the Tomei Gakurin staff. Some groups worked late into the night to perfect their projects.Hopefully, they will be great!