One-day Trip to Hakone
After spending two nights at Tomei Gakurin, the students packed up their bags and were on the move once again! In the morning the students went to Owakudani, “Great Boiling Valley,”a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents and hot springs. Legend has it that if you eat Kuro-tamago, a local speciality, you will live an extra seven years! This special egg is boiled in the hot springs and it turns black and smells slightly sulphuric. Some of our students were adventurous enough to try it!

After, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant right on the shore of Lake Ashi. Students ate their lunches and then were given free time to explore the local shops and surroundings.

For the afternoon, our international students were kind enough to attend a fashion show put on by our very own Showa Women’s University college students. It was great opportunity for our international students to see the talent of other girls around their own age from a different country.

After the fashion show, we then made our way to our second accommodation of the program,Weekly Dormy Inn!