SSIP12日目はCross Cultural Workshop参加者で唐澤博物館に行きました。


July 4th, Saturday

Cross Cultural Workshop ⑦⑧: Visit to Karasawa Museum

Today, the students went to the Karasawa Museum to learn about past education practices in Japan. This visit was the focus of a project that the students will present at the next workshop, where they will convince a specific audience to come to visit the museum! The museum had 3 floors of past artifacts, including toys from the Meiji and Edo Period and a replica of an elementary school classroom. With a guided tour by the daughter of the founder of the museum, the students were able to get a lot of material for their presentations while also learning a lot about historical practices in schools.

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理科室では、ちょうど5年生が魚の解剖をしており、中に入ることをためらう学生もいましたが(ひとりからはランチタイム?と質問が飛んでい ました…)、音楽室ではピアノで、校歌と、初日にお琴で披露された「さくら」を聴くことができました。



July 6th, Monday

Visit to Showa Elementary School
Today, SSIP participants got a chance to visit the Showa Elementary School, which is a private school located right within the main campus of Showa Women’s University! We were guided throughout many of the classrooms and got to watch some of the classrooms in action. Participants were surprised to see how independent and well-behaved (and not to mention adorable!) many of the elementary students were and how talented they were especially in the arts. We also got to hear a short rendition of the school anthem by the music teacher on piano. After the school tour, we gathered to get our bentos and had lunch with some of the older kids. The children were extremely enthusiastic about talking with SSIP participants and despite the language barrier, everyone had a great time!


Japan Studies: Lecture on Japanese Education

In the afternoon, Professor Kiat gave a lecture to the students about the Japanese
educational system and the value of women’s universities. He mentioned a lot of
interesting statistics about Japan and the home countries of the international students;
most concerned the rankings of those countries in standardized testing and student
happiness. He gave some time at the end for the Japanese and international students to
discuss their own educational experiences, which was very thought-provoking