SSIP2016-DAY4~5 [2016年06月25日(土)]


SSIP5日目は、 Cross-Cultural Workshopで異文化交流と広告について話し合いました。5日目の午後からは週末の休みに入るので、留学生たちは休日をどう過ごすか思いを巡らせています(^^♪

Friday, June 24

Today was dedicated to Japanese art and history. Beginning with a lecture on Japanese art, the students explored the history of art through out the ages, and followed it up with a trip to the Idemitsu Museum of Arts. A private collection located near the Imperial Palace, the museum was celebrating its 50th anniversary and had a special exhibit on Edo paintings, screens, and scrolls. The majestic views of the Palace and the complimentary tea made for a great end to the day!

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Saturday, June 25

Today, students came to campus for a special Saturday session of the Cross-Cultural Workshop, focusing on intercultural communication and an introduction to advertising, the theme of this year’s workshop. With Saturday afternoon and Sunday off, everyone was looking forward to some free time for exploring the city!

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