SSIP 11日目は外出の日でした。表参道にある根津美術館では日本の古美術品の鑑賞、その後国立劇場で歌舞伎と日本の美に触れる一日でした。


July 3, Thursday

Nezu Museum
Today was full of travelling for the students, who travelled far to the Nezu Museum in Omotesando! As an art museum, the Nezu Musuem comprises more than 7,400 objects including calligraphy, painting, sculpture, ceramics, lacquer, metalwork, bamboo crafts and textiles, all of which the students were able to explore! Additionally, the students were able to walk outside (despite the rain!) into a beautiful Japanese garden that reflected the traditional Japanese focus of tranquility and peace. Many of the students expressed that they were the most interested in the Katana exhibit, which displayed multiple katana swords along with katana sheaths and beautifully decorated medicine bottles.


Kabuki Theater Performance
After a brief lunch time in Omotesando, the SSIP participants travelled to the National Theater to watch an actual Kabuki performance! The Kabuki performance that the students watched is one of Japan’s most famous, Yoshitsune Sembon Zakura. The play tells the story of the combatting Genji and Heike families, and the students were able to watch a short summarized version of the battle between Yoshisune and Tomomori. With helpful translations in between and explanations of the performance, it was an immersive and new experience for everyone!