SSIP2016-DAY19 [2016年07月09日(土)]

その後、夕食を済ませるとお待ちかねの花火TIME( ^◇^ )

Saturday, July 9

It was a slow, rainy morning at Tomei Gakurin as students prepared to finish their projects.

P1070442 IMG_1255

After a morning of group work, they took a quick lunch before starting their presentation practice.

P1070445 P1070450

P1070459 P1070458P1070465


But as a reward for all their hard work, this evening we had an hour of fireworks! After a day of near constant rain, the weather cleared up, and everyone enjoyed playing with sparklers to celebrate their last night at Tomei.

P1070469 P1070470

P1070493 P1070495 P1070502 P1070503 P1070511 P1070515 P1070518 P1070520

P1070526 P1070529 P1070538 P1070572 P1070599P1070556