Japan Studies: Activity⑧ Setagaya Art Museum
On our second to last day of SSIP, we took our last field trip to the Setagaya Art Museum. The students enjoyed the current exhibition, “Looking East, Western Artists and the Allure of Japan,” which contained five different themes of art: Taste for Japan, Women, City Life, Nature, and Landscape. The students also got to see the original painting La Japonaise by Camille Monet, the museum’s current prized possession. Originally this painting is from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, recently restored to make the colors more vibrant.

Japan Studies: Activity⑨ Company Visit to Shiseido
In the afternoon, we left for Ginza to tour one of Japan’s biggest cosmetic companies, Shiseido. We were brought to their headquarters and listened to senior advisor, Hisayuki Suekawa, explain the company’s unique marketing strategy to compete as a global company. “Omotenashi” meaning “hospitality;” Suekawa claims is the reason why Shiseido is able to survive and compete on a global market as they are able to anticipate the customers’ needs. We also visited the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building where we had a lecture about the history of the Ginza Parlour and were given original ice cream sodas and camellia-themed sweets! We also went to tour Shiseido the Ginza, where we were able to try the mirai “future” mirror. (Instead of physically trying on the make-up, a specialized camera shows what we would look like with the specified shade or color.) At the very end, Shiseido sent everyone home with an omiyage containing three maple puddings from their parlour shop and a packet of oil blotting paper. What a great treat for everyone!