また10月19日(水)の12:30~13:00 @グローバルラウンジで後期のEnglish LoungeがSTARTします!後期からは今回紹介する2人が皆さんと一緒に英会話や英語でのアクティビティを行います♪





Name:Elizabeth Smith
Nationality: British
Hometown: Manchester
Interest and hobbies:
I love history and modern media, and I want to travel around the world to experience new and exciting cultures. As well as this, I love to read and write my own stories and poetry, as well as making films on my camera! I have lots of brothers and sisters and enjoy spending a lot of time with my young nieces and nephews, which I think is what has made me want to be a teacher. I love sports, both watching them and getting involved. I used to practice mixed martial arts (mainly jiu jitsu) and had to stop, but I still find it fun to keep active and healthy. My favourite sports to watch are rugby, pro-wrestling and football (I am a strong supporter of Manchester United, my home team!). When I go back to England, I am going to study English Literature at the University of Manchester.
Favorite Music: I can never make my mind up, but I prefer music that has clever lyrics, or electronic music that is made really well. At the moment, my favourite band is The 1975; check them out and tell me what you think!
Favourite Game: Anything Pokémon, Mario, or Kirby.
Favourite Food: My all-time favourite food is Italian, pasta in particular. In Japan, my favourite dish is Katsu curry
First Impressions of Japan: Everything I expected and better, so far! Everyone is really polite and Tokyo is beautiful! I am really excited to learn more about the history of Japan, and to see more of how it is now growing in the modern day. The food is excellent. My only problem is that the language is very difficult, which I`m trying to get better at. I speak Spanish as well as English but Japanese is extremely different to European languages. There are so many things I want to do, I could list things forever! Mostly I`m excited to travel around the country and meet new people.







Name: Teiba Ahmed
Hometown: London – A busy and lively place, similar to Tokyo.
Birthplace: Dubai – I lived here until I was 5 years old.
I play the electric guitar, I love to perform and compose music. I especially like Jazz and have enjoyed performing in a Jazz band back home in London. Japanese bands, such as One ok Rock and Hatsune Miku  are very exciting and great to listen to!
Growing up, I have always watched all kinds of Anime on T.V, I especially liked sports Anime’s such as ‘The Prince of Tennis’ and ‘Hajime no Ippo’, growing up.
Art has always been a passion but I especially enjoy oil paintings!

Plans for the Year: I’m hopping to learn Japanese calligraphy. I have to try a Japanese instrument, if I can, such as the Koto or Shamisen. If possible, I’d like to start a band so I can still practice playing the Guitar! I would also love to learn how to cook Japanese cuisine such as Miso soup, so I can cook and impress my friends and family when I go back home!

Video Games: Yoshi’s Island, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy are my favourites! Retro games are the best.

Favourite Food: Where do I start? Takoyaki, all the Sushi and Okonomiyaki! But my number one favourite food has to be ‘Black Sesame (Goma) Pudding!!!

Message to Students: I’m looking forward to our year together and can’t wait to start conversing with you. I’m excited to make friends here and I hope you will find learning English to be an enjoyable experience together. If you ever see me around, say hello! I would like to know if you share the same interests! Also, please tell me if you know any good places or events in Tokyo, I’d like to explore the culture and scenery whilst  i’m here and make the most out of my stay.

 Teach my Japanese too! I would be so grateful!