After a long day, tiring day of arrival and accommodation check-ins–and hopefully a good night’s sleep!–the SSIP 2018 participants were able to enjoy their first full day in Japan. With the four SSIP interns, the 10 students (3 had yet to arrive) traveled to Showa Women’s University for their Opening Ceremony and Orientation. At this ceremony, held in the Global Lounge, they had the opportunity to get to know CIE staff, the interns, and some of the faculty they will be learning from for the next three weeks.

After an opening address from President Kaneko, the international students were also able to introduce themselves, sharing why they chose Tokyo and SSIP and what they were looking forward to. Some talked about their love of Japan, others about their desire to get to know people from different backgrounds, and more about the chance to explore a new country. With this hopeful and open-minded atmosphere, we kicked off SSIP 2018!




Following the Opening Ceremony, the international students were given tours of Showa’s campus by Showa students who graciously volunteered their time and opened up their school to the students. In these small tour groups, the international students learned about Showa’s history and how the campus is being utilized to reach the university’s future goals.

Thanks to the sunny weather, they were able to enjoy the campus fully and spend some time at Showa’s beautiful pond, appreciating the flowers and magnificent koi fish.


Upon concluding their tours, the students returned to the Global Lounge for the Welcome Party. The party was kicked off with a toast from Chancellor Mariko Bando, followed by a wonderful performance by the Koto Club! Not only did the students enjoy some delicious catered food–while getting to know some of the Showa students they’ll be taking classes with–but they also had a chance to try playing the koto themselves! It was a great day of many introductions and new experiences: a fitting way to begin the 2018 Showa Summer International Program!