Yukata Experience, Lecture on Japanese Women, Lecture on Japanese Pop Culture

Today was full of exciting Japan Studies sessions! To begin the day, professional kimono/yukata dressers came to Showa. In a traditional Japanese tatami room, the international students chose from a selection of yukata. With some help from Showa students, the kimono dressers transformed each international participant! After the students were dressed, the photo shoot began! Photos were taken in the tatami room and at Showa’s beautiful pond (despite the scorching weather).






After returning to their normal clothing and having a short lunch break, the students had the pleasure of hearing a lecture by Chancellor Mariko Bando. Chancellor Bando shared about the various experiences of women in Japan and the expectations society places on them.

Following this lecture, the students enjoyed a hands-on lecture on Japanese pop culture, given by Lecturer Yu Shigematsu. Shigematsu-sensei shared his extensive knowledge of Japanese manga and anime with the students. To do so, he prepared many video clips and brought in various manga books for the students to pass around.

It was a Tuesday filled with cultural immersion on many levels!