SSIP2019_DAY5_Wednesday, June 26th

The international students arrived at the Global Lounge for Professor Fujimori’s lecture on Religious Views. In his lecture, Professor Fujimori gave students an overview of religion and religious practices in contemporary Japan and how people engage in religion in everyday life. Students also had a chance to share a little bit about their own religion or religious practices.

After a nice, long lunch break and some free time, the students returned to the Global Lounge for sessions four and five of their Cross-Cultural Workshops. This time, they worked together in their groups again for the Marshmallow Challenge. Students were provided with tape, a piece of white paper, and spaghetti sticks and were faced with the challenge to create the highest standing tower that could hold a marshmallow at the top. Because the spaghetti sticks were thin and broke easily, the challenge was a difficult one. For this challenge, teamwork and communication became essential as the students worked together to build a free-standing tower that could support the weight of a marshmallow.