SSIP2019_DAY9_Tuesday, July 2nd

The day began with an afternoon lecture on Japanese Women by Professor Takegawa. In her lecture, Professor Takegawa showed students the changing workplace in Japan as more and more women began to continue to work after giving birth. She showed the students different types of data and research that illustrated how the economic empowerment of women is vital to Japan’s economy. Now, Japan is also beginning to make gender positive actions that strive to increase the proportion of women in managerial positions. Many students also shared their experiences and observations about the status of women in their home countries.

Next was a lecture on Leadership led by Professor Imai, who serves as the Chairperson for the Department of Business Design. Her lecture centers around the theme of leadership styles and practices. She showed a scene from a Japanese drama that depicts a female chief’s efforts to lead her subordinates. After watching this scene, the students engaged in a workshop where they analyzed leadership challenges and their root causes.