夏休み中に、Academic/Intensive  Japanese Language Programに参加する留学生向けにインターンシップを行いました。




「The intership was 5 days long. The first day they explained us what we would do and took us around Asakusa to study the places. ON the second and third day we studied what was useful for the work, practiced and actually tried the work. On the fourth and fifth day we went to Nikko for a little vacation and to try the work there, see what we studied and do an interview with the tourist association of Nikko. It was all very intresting, challenging and an open-eyes experience.」

「Thanks to this intership I was able to see all the hard work behind something like the information desk and the work of learning about trains schedules and cheking the tickets, works that sometimes we can take for granted but in reality there is a lor of work behind. I could also see what my Japanese is lacking in and also see what I lack in. I was able to see and experience a real japanese company and it made me realize a lot of about japanese lifestyle, work and work structures.」