SWU Summer Program-Day17~19

2013.8.7~9–Participants went to TOMEI, SWU’s off-campus facility located in Kanagawa prefecture, on a mountain side, to work more on the cross-cultural project and finish up on the presentations.

On the way to TOMEI, we dropped by POLA Museum of Art where we enjoyed a big collection of spectacular impressionism.

Due to heavy traffic, we arrived at TOMEI more than an hour behind the schedule. Soon after lunch, students started working on their presentations in groups of three which were assigned by Nico.

The next day on Aug. 8, students had a whole day working on presentations exchanging opinion and making further research. In the afternoon, each group had a chance to do a rehearsal of their presentations. Nico and students were the audience and gave appropriate advises among one another.

After breakfast on Aug. 9 before our departure from TOMEI, the singing club of Showa Jr./Sr. High School that happened to also stay there sang a few Japanese songs for us. Their singing was so beautiful.

After coming back to Tokyo campus in the afternoon, the final presentations took place.
Several faculty members including the president, vice president and faculty member who gave a lecture to the group in the program, showed up to hear students’ presentations.

Eight groups, each consists of three students from different background, chose their own topic related to gender roles for 10-minute presentations.
Amazingly, all groups made such a big progress overnight, successfully accommodating advises received by other students and Nico.

Following their final presentations, the closing ceremony took place.
Each student received a certificate for completing the program from President Mariko Bando.
A SWU representative student, FK, addressed a short speech sharing her comments participating the program and how much she enjoyed it.

AK, a representative of participating international students gave a closing speech, conveying she had had special experiences in the program.
President Bando as well as Prof. Nishikawa, Director of Center for International Exchange made closing remarks expressing how special this program was and celebrating to be able to finish it in a success.

Believe it or not, the three week program is coming to the end. The very last farewell party was thrown having the last meal with everybody.
All students enjoyed talking, taking pictures and spending the last moments together. A microphone went around and each student had a chance to say good bye sharing their thoughts, comments and anything they wanted to say.
All shared the precious time together, and it was indeed very difficult to finish the party.
Needless to say, a big promise was made for a reunion some time somewhere!