た。わらび餅の柔らかい食感が初めてだったようで、多くの留学生が驚いていました( *´艸`)ま

Japan Studies: Lecture⑧ Japanese Food Culture
The SSIP participants started out the day with a lecture by Professor Imai about
Japanese cuisine and etiquette. Students were able to sample some 100% warabi mochi (a
rare treat!) and green tea (sencha) made by the Japanese students, who are training to
get food preparation licenses. After trying the mochi and tea, the international
students socialized with the Japanese students who prepared the mochi. Then, the
instructor taught them some basic Japanese table manners, which served useful for the
next lunch activity!
Lunch: Tasting Authentic Japanese Cuisine
For lunch, the students were able to enjoy a many course meal at a tofu house a few
subway stops away from Showa. The dishes included steam mashed corn, grilled meats,
eggplant and eel, crab sushi, a cold tofu dish, and a sweet wheat ice cream dessert. The
students really enjoyed the meal, and there were many foods the students had never tried
Japan Studies: Lecture⑨ Japanese Education
In the afternoon, Professor Kiat gave a lecture to the students about the Japanese
educational system and the value of women’s universities. He mentioned a lot of
interesting statistics about Japan and the home countries of the international students;
most concerned the rankings of those countries in standardized testing and student
happiness. He gave some time at the end for the Japanese and international students to
discuss their own educational experiences, which was very thought-provoking.