June 25th, Thursday

Japan Studies :Lecture② Japanese Calligraphy

This morning began with an exciting lecture in Japanese calligraphy, where the students were allowed to practice writing different characters with the help of Japanese students. Although it was a bit difficult to follow all the strokes, the students were able to practice before writing their favorite character on calligraphy paper, which they will be able to take home!

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Japan Studies : Lecture③History of Tokyo

After lunch at Sophia Cafeteria, the students attended Professor Shimoda’s lecture on the history of the city of Tokyo. The lecture consisted of many aspects of Japanese history, including the EdoPeriod, Pre-War Tokyo, and Post-War Tokyo. After learning about Tokyo’s evolution from a traditionalist city to a sprawling metropolis, many of the students expressed their desire to explore all areas of Tokyo to experience those qualities firsthand.

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Aikido Practice and Demonstration

Following the lecture, the students got a chance to see the Aikido club perform a demonstration of basic aikido moves. The club advisor walked the students through some of the basic sitting and standing moves, with the club members demonstrating each of them step by step. Along with the demonstration of moves, the students were able to see a match between two of the club members, and then were given the opportunity to try out some of the moves themselves! Along with learning how to fall, the students learned some self-defense moves – in the end, it was a very interesting way to engage in Japanese martial art!

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