SSIP 10日目は日本の文化について講義で学ぶ日でした。日本のファッション、日本の経営、日本の宗教といずれの講義もSSIP参加留学生は興味深そうに耳を傾けていました。英語で行われたこれらの授業は既存の授業にSSIPが参加したり、SSIPの授業を日本人学生が聴講したりして、昭和の学生もともに学ぶ授業となりました。各国からの留学生とともに学ぶ日本文化。日本人学生にとっても新たな発見のある時間となったのではないでしょうか。


July 2nd, Thursday

Japan Studies : Lecture on Japanese Fashion

SSIP participants started out the morning with a lecture by Reiko Koga on the evolution of Japanese fashion and the increasingly popular concept of “kawaii”. She explained to the participants about the spread of “kawaii” as it originated from various popular women’s magazines to becoming a worldwide phenomenon recognized in just about everywhere! She concluded the lecture with an interesting explanation of “yurakyara”, otherwise known mascot characters as an extension of the “kawaii” movement.


Japan Studies : Lecture on Japanese Business and Management

After lunch, the students joined Professor Masaharu Kuhara’s class to learn about the gloablization of Japanese business. By comparing human resource management and company strategies of both American and Japanese countries, the students were able to understand deeper theoretical concepts of business, and also discuss how corporate strategies of different nations are reflections of their cultural surroundings. Some Japanese students gave presentations to us about the readings Professor Kuhara had given, and additionally the students were able to learn a lot about the Japanese economy– both its strengths and current issues.


Japan Studies; Lecture on Japanese Religion

For the last lecture of the day, the students gathered back to the Global Lounge to learn about the history and aspects of Japanese Religion. The lecture covered traditions of religious rituals, behaviors, and explored the significance of religion in contemporary Japanese society.