SSIP2016-DAY2~3 [2016年06月23日(木)]


英語で日本の歴史や現状を学び、日本文化を体験してもらうことを目的としている「Japan Studies」と異なるバックグラウンドを持つ学生がグループを組んでプロジェクトに取り組み、意見交換をしながらプレゼンの準備と発表を行う「Cross-Cultural Workshop」です。

午前中は「Japan Studies」で茶室で茶道体験をし、午後、「Cross-Cultural Workshop」のファシリテイターから導入講義が行われ、グループ活動が始まりました。




Wednesday, June 22

On the first day of classes, the students began with a lesson on the Japanese Tea Ceremony, led in part by CIE’s own Ashley Warren. The students listened to a lecture on the purpose and place of the Tea Ceremony in Japanese culture, before sampling traditional sweets and trying their hand at making tea.

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In the afternoon, the first lessons of the Cross-Cultural Workshop were led by Ommura-Sensei, bringing international students and Showa students together to get know one another.

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Thursday, June 23

Thursday began with a practical lesson in Japanese calligraphy, giving students the chance to practice writing their names and favorite kanji. Aided by Showa students studying calligraphy, everyone was able to create a beautiful piece to take home.


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In the afternoon there was a rousing lecture on Japanese Pop Culture by Shigematsu-sensei, taught to both international students and his regular class. Featuring manga and anime of all genres, we studied the changes and developments over time.

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