Thursday, July 7

Today was all about history and fashion. After a joint lecture with Showa students on the history of Edo/Tokyo, the girls took a quick lunch and got ready for an overview of Japanese fashion.

P1070305 P1070306

Thanks to our friends at Japan Life Design Systems, we received an overview of fashion trends and changes both in Japan and worldwide from the 1960s up to the present.

P1070308 P1070310

P1070314 P1070312

Then, to see what fashion today looks like in action, we headed to Lumine headquarters in Shinjuku for a presentation of how these department stores work today. It was an interesting if HOT tour, and the store coupons we received at the end were just icing on the cake.

P1070315 P1070318

P1070325 P1070331 P1070332 P1070333