SSIP2017_June22nd [2017年06月22日(木)]

On this cloudy day students were able to enjoy learning Japanese calligraphy in the morning and hearing about Japanese food culture in the afternoon.

In the morning, Showa’s Utsugita-sensei (Yoshie Utsugita) gave a brief introduction on the history of calligraphy and its different styles in Japan.
She then proceeded to demonstrate how to write the character 「夏」(natsu; summer) in various styles, as well as demonstrating the basic character 「永」(ei; eternity).


Students then began practicing Japanese calligraphy themselves, assisted by the Showa calligraphy club. At the end, everyone took a group photo with their polished finished pieces.
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After a quick lunch break, all the students came together to attend a lecture led by Ash-sensei on Japanese food culture. He presented on topics such as Japanese alcohol, sushi, and bentos (box lunches). It’s a good thing that everyone was able to have lunch first, or surely they would’ve gotten hungry because of the lecture!

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