SSIP2019_DAY12_Saturday, July 6th

Everyone woke up early for a full day of Cross-Cultural Workshops. First, we started the day off with a hearty breakfast at Tomei that gave us the energy we needed for the day.

After breakfast, students headed up to the sixth floor of Tomei to meet their group members to work on and begin finalizing their presentations together. Since the schedule of the day was rather flexible, many groups chose to work in different locations throughout the building: the cafeteria, the main lounge, and various seminar rooms were popular work spots as they offered scenic views. Ommura-sensei and Yagishta-sensei gave students a chance to practice and rehearse their presentations before their big day on Monday.


The students’ hard work was rewarded with a firework party after dinner. Although the skies were covered with rain clouds, we were extremely grateful that it did not rain until after we finished using up almost all of our sparklers and took pictures together with friends. We enjoyed the fireworks, but we can all agree that it was the people that made this firework party a million times better!