Yifan Chen (ハーバード大学 インターン生)

Hello! My name is Yifan Chen, and I am a rising junior at Harvard majoring in Sociology. I am particularly interested in topics concerning migration patterns and educational inequality, with a focus in East Asia. I’ve also lived in many places throughout my life: Fujian (China), New York (US), Florida (US), and Massachusetts (US). I love to learn about different cultures and the lives of people from all over the world, and this love brings me to the beautiful city of Tokyo this summer. This is my first time in Japan, and I’m already loving it here! I cannot wait to learn even more through working with the CIE team and meeting everyone at SSIP 2019!


Rachel Phan (ハーバード大学 インターン生)

Hajimemashite~ My name is Rachel Phan, and I am a rising third year student at Harvard University. I study Environmental Science and Public Policy, with a minor in East Asian Studies. I’m most interested in designing environmentally friendly cities for people to live in, which is why Tokyo is so fascinating to me: it works very differently from Boston, where I grew up. I am also very passionate about women’s rights. Outside of academics, I like to dance hip hop, find delicious food places (I have a big sweet tooth!), and talk late into the night with my friends. I’m looking forward to experiencing Japan’s amazing culture for the first time and meeting you all!


Miyu Otani (コーディネーター)

Heyyy! My name is Miyu Otani, and I am a third year student at Showa Women’s University. I am majoring an English Communication. I am interested in the other cultures and really like traveling and food. I want to know not only the other cultures, but also Japanese culture. There are many things that I do not know but I should know in Japan. I am glad that many people are interested in Japan and excited to meet you guys! Let’s explore Japan with usss!


Yuna Yamaguchi (コーディネーター)

Konnichiwa! My name is Yuna Yamaguchi. I am also studying English Language Communication at Showa Women’s University. I like traveling, dancing and getting ICE CREAM. I studied abroad in Boston last year, and experienced so many things with friends who are not Japanese. It was great time for me. Therefore,now, I want to share our culture with you all!!! I cannot wait to meet you and to explore Japan with you! See you soon:)


Yifan & Rachelと英語を使って会話してみたい方や、交流をしたい方!