SSIP2014- DAY1

海外協定校から多国籍の留学生を迎えて行うSSIP(SWU Summer International Program)がスタート。


June 23, Monday–DAY1
Today was the first day of our highly anticipated SWU Summer International Program! We began the day with our opening ceremony with opening remarks from, Professor Nishikawa, and a welcoming speech from Vice President, Professor Kaneko. The international students were then introduced followed by important SSIP guests and CIE staff members. Nico, our facilitator for the Cross-Cultural Collaborative Workshop, led a fun and interactive ice-breaking game in which the students literally became “closer to one another.”

Then the Showa students took our international students on a tour of SWU’s campus.

While walking around the campus, they saw middle school students in the gym practicing twirling baton sticks. The teacher told us she was teaching her students “Bon-odori”, a traditional style of Japanese dance, and then proceeded to give us a short performance. What a wonderful surprise!

Afterward, the Showa students and assistants took the students on a tour of Shibuya. One group saw the famous Hachiko statue, visited the popular Tokyu 109 fashion department store, and took pictures at a purikura booth. The other Shibuya group went to a Book-Off (used book store), the Disney Store, Tower Records, and also Shibuya 109. Many of them were interested in Japanese literature and music, and were excited to see Japanese authors and bands that they knew. They thought the items in both the Disney store and Shibuya 109 were very cute. One participant, Lillian Goldschmidt, said that she was surprise by how well dressed the employees were in Shibuya 109!

After our Shibuya trip, the group came back to the Global Lounge for the Welcome Party at 17:00. At the party, President Bando made the opening speech, encouraging the learning experience that the students will gain about different cultures and current feminist issues.

A delicious dinner was then provided, which include both Japanese dishes and western finger foods. Caitlinn Andris represented the international group in a short speech, and she stated that they were very glad to to have the opportunity to be here in Japan. The other international students then made self-introductions, and many of the participants were interested in learning more about Japanese culture and exploring Japan.

The Koto club then came to perform! They played two songs (one about sakura and the other a children’s song). Because the Global Lounge is a western style room, the club members could not play the traditional instrument on a tatami mat, but they still did wonderfully with the standing koto. Many of the international students had never seen a Koto before, and they were very intrigued by the performance. Some of them also tried to pluck the strings of a koto guided by a Koto Club member.

After the koto performance, China Nishikawa, a senior at Showa Women’s University, represented the SSIP support students in welcoming the international students. The Japanese support students and also the Japanese SSIP participants also introduced themselves. Both the international and Japanese students then mingled with each other, happy to be in such a positive environment!