Yokohama and Kamakura
The SSIP students woke up bright and early today for their trip to Tomei Gakurin, Showa’s off-campus facility! Before going to Tomei, we passed by Yokohama briefly and got a glimpse of the Chinatown gate. Afterward, we drove to Kamakura, where the participants were able to enjoy a traditional, vegetarian Buddhist meal for lunch. Later, they visited two temples, both decorated for tanabata, and they got their fortunes told. Our final stop in Kamakura was the Great Buddha statue, which some of the students were able to go inside of!

Arrival at Tomei Gakurin
We arrived at Tomei Gakurin right in time for dinner, and many of the participants enjoyed the fantastic views of the ocean and city under the mountain. Later in the evening, the students were able to play with some firework sparklers. It was also the Fourth of July, so it was pretty good timing for the Americans in the group! They had a lot of fun lighting their sparkers, making patterns in the air, and having competitions for how fast their fires would burn out! A great start at the new accommodation!