SSIP5日目の午前中は、多文化協働プロジェクト【Cross-Cultural Workshop(CCW)】を行い、午後からはホームステイを体験するためそれぞれのホストファミリーと合流し、6日目の夜までホストファミリーと過ごしました(*^-^*)


 June 27th, Saturday

Today was a cross cultural workshop day, with the students presenting about similarities and differences in education across numerous countries all around the world. Along with the Japanese students, the international students grouped together to compare their school schedules, and along the way were able to present how these differences defined their culture.

presen02 discussion01
discussion02 presen01

Afterward, the students went with their homestay family to stay for a weekend. Below are some of their experiences:


Homestay 1: Naomi from the United States
When I met up with my host sister Faryon, she was very kind and asked me places I’d like to go and where I’d been. We went off to Harajuku after that to the famous Takeshita Street, which was more pink than I had imagined! We did the Purikura photo booths which were super high-tech, then we left to get back to her apartment in Hiro-o. Her mother is Korean, so she made us Sangyetang – a kind of chicken soup. Then we went to something I had been wanting to try – the Japanese Bathhouse. It was really great, and my host mother washed my back! It was a very relaxing experience. We left after about an hour and walked around Hiro-o at night. I saw the Tokyo Tower in the distance, all lit up. And we sat in a park and just chatted for a while. When I got back to their house I met their father who also love to sew just like I do. He told us how to get to some fabric and craft stores. He also gave me some nice needles and a thimble and showed me some sewing tips.


The next day Faryon took me to a crafts store in Shinjuku and a fabric store as well. The fabric store was FIVE stories of fabric. And they had an entire section of just Japanese made textile.


After the craft and fabric stores, Faryon and I went to the Tokyo Kinokuniya! We walked across the bridge pictured above and checked out a really famous department store in Shinjuku. Afterward, Faryon took me to see the Meiji Shrine, where I had a great time! I’m very grateful to my homestay family for giving me such a great experience during my stay!