Cross-Cultural Collaborative Project (Final Presentations)
The first event of the day was the presentations of the final Cross-Cultural Collaborative projects of this year’s SSIP participants! One professor who came to see the presentations said that she could really tell how much effort and hard work the groups put into making the projects. Several of the groups improved tremendously from the practice presentations, and one group even changed from a PowerPoint to presenting an original animation and conducting a panel discussion. It really seemed like all of the Cross-Cultural students were able to learn a lt about gender and its societal role (incorporating relevant themes such as family, marriage, romance, career advancement, etc). From their interviews of each other, they were able to analyze and synthesize a great amount of data into interesting and thought-provoking presentations? the exact purpose of this anthropological assignment!

SSIP Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party
As part of the closing ceremony, Bando-sensei presented each international participant and Cross-Cultural Workshop student a certificate confirming their completion of the program.
At the farewell party, delicious food was provided, memorable pictures were taken, and many tears were shed. Chanpisey Lim, one of our international students from Cambodia, stated that this was not goodbye, but a hello to new adventures and reunions in the future. Each students spoke a little bit about their experience here in Japan and several students said they were “able to learn so much” in just a short three weeks! They couldn’t believe how fast time went by! As the party came to a close, the students began to part ways, but we said goodbye hoping that our paths will cross again in the future.