多国籍の留学生を昭和女子大学に迎えて行うSSIP(SWU Summer International Program)がスタート。
今年で3年目に入るこのSWU Summer International Programは海外にある、昭和女子大学の提携校等から留学生が来日し、英語で行われる講義や活動を通じて日本文化や歴史を感じてもらい、本学学生との交流を通じて日本への理解を深めてもらうサマープログラムです。今年は10か国から19人が参加します。楽しみですね。



June 23rd, Tuesday

Today was the first day of the SSIP program! The day began bright and early, with our opening ceremony being the first event on our agenda. Our opening ceremony began with opening remarks from Professor Nishikawa, and a welcoming speech from President Bando, who gave a very inspiring speech to motivate the international students about the importance of having new cultural experiences. President Bando continued by stating that cultural experiences are used to unite the world, and expressed her hopes that education will foster global collaboration in the future. Following the speech, the SSIP interns and CIE staff members were introduced. Our opening ceremony closed after a fun icebreaker run by the SSIP interns, where each international student was able to introduce themselves and talk about their interests. With their self- introductions, many of the participants showed an interest in Japan and an excitement for the program (since for many of them, this is their first visit to Japan!)
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We then transitioned into our campus tour, where we split into groups of 3 and explored around campus. The students learned about Showa and its traditions, and were able to visit the garden and school store!
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Once the campus tour was over, the students were taken back to the Global Lounge for our official welcome party! A delicious lunch was provided, with Western finger food as the main course. While eating, the participants, staff, and even some Japanese students began to socialize, which was a great way for everyone to get to know each other a little more.
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After a while of socializing, The Showa Koto Club came to visit and perform for everyone! They played two songs (Sakura and Tonari no Totoro), which many of the international students recognized! After the performance, the students were given some time to talk to the members of the club, and even got to pluck the strings of the Koto instrument! Overall, it was a very memorable and eventful day!

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