英語で日本の歴史や現状を学び、日本文化を体験してもらうことを目的としている「Japan Studies」と異なるバックグラウンドを持つ学生がグループを組んでプロジェクトに取り組み、意見交換をしながらプレゼンの準備と発表を行う「Cross-Cultural Workshop」です。

午前中は「Japan Studies」で茶室で茶道体験をし、午後、「Cross-Cultural Workshop」のファシリテイターから導入講義が行われ、グループ活動が始まりました。早速活発な話し合いがされていましたよ!

今日もHarvardインターン生からの報告をご紹介します 😀


June 24th, Wednesday

Japan Studies:Activity ① Japanese Tea Ceremony
Today the students had an opportunity to experience a staple of traditional Japanese culture – a tea ceremony! Lecturer Ash Warren, a tea ceremony teacher, and members of the Showa Tea Club showed the SSIP participants how to perform the tea ceremony. The SSIP students were able to eat traditional Japanese confectionery sweets, whisk some tea, and try the tea they made using proper etiquette! It was a little difficult for everyone to stay in seiza, the Japanese traditional sitting position, for the whole duration of the ceremony but everyone made an effort to learn and practice the correct positions and mannerisms, which made it a very authentic and tranquil experience for everyone.

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Cross Cultural Workshop ① ②
After lunch, the participants went to their first Cross Cultural Workshop! International students and Showa students alike came together for an introduction on education in Japan. Workshop leader Hiro Yoshie started the worship by giving an opening presentation, and then began numerous activities to engage the students and facilitate discussion about experiences of culture shock. Afterward, the students were able to interact and discuss with one another about their own school experiences, while also giving a show and tell about a memorable school item that they own.

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