午前中はハローキティで有名なサンリオへ企業訪問し、午後は杉並アニメーションミュージアムでアフレコ体験ののち、中野ブロードウェイを散策しました!! ポップカルチャーからサブカルチャーまで一日を通して堪能しました。


Friday, July 1 Getting up bright and early today, we started a day of excursions at Sanrio, home of Hello Kitty. After learning about the history of the company and its products,

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a tour of the show room and the President’s meeting room rounded off a fun trip.

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From there, two trains and a bus took us to the Suginami Animation Museum, where, with the guidance of Shigematsu-sensei we learned about classic anime production and the anime history in Suginami. Our final stop was the famous Nakano Broadway, home to famous stores selling figurines, manga volumes, and much, much more! It was a long day, but a lot of fun!

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