Lecture on Bento & Cooking Class
Cross-Cultural Workshop ⑨⑩

Today, Akiyama-sensei gave a lecture on the history of bento, as well as diving into recent bento developments, like more advanced boxes that can keep food hot for hours. She also talked about different variations of bento, like kyara-ben (character bento). After the lecture, we went into the kitchen to make a Pikachu kyara-ben for ourselves!


There were several different components to the bento. Rice wrapped in egg was used to make the yellow face, seaweed for the eyes, nose, and dark part of the ears, ham for the cheeks and mouth, and cheese for the ears and white part of the eyes. We also made octopus-shaped sausage and rabbit-shaped apples for the bento. It was fun to make food together, if a bit difficult! The food wasn’t too bad either.


After a break, we had 2 more sessions of Cross-Cultural Workshop. Instead of working at the usual Global Lounge, students went to a computer room to work on their projects with their group members. It was a fruitful day!