1-1.夏季交流プログラムSWU Summer International Program

SSIP2018_DAY8.Wed_June27 [2018年06月27日(水)]

Japanese Tea Ceremony; CCW 5-6

Today, we gathered in the tatami mat room used by the tea ceremony club here at Showa. We began with a short lecture about the Japanese tea ceremony by Ash-sensei. Then, everyone took part in a tea ceremony themselves. The interns, aided by a tea ceremony club member, served a small treat to each participant. The treat was a bit too sweet, but at least it was very cute! Once everyone was finished eating, Ito-sensei demonstrated how to make tea for the tea ceremony.



Next, every student had a chance to make their own tea! We soon realized how skilled Ito-sensei truly was when we compared her lightning-quick whisking speed to our own. Some students found the tea to be a little bitter for their tastes, while those more accustomed to the taste of matcha disagreed. The most difficult part about the tea ceremony was constantly sitting in seiza, which is the name for the way Japanese people sit on their legs. Overall, however, it was a very relaxing and interesting experience!


After a nice long lunch break, everyone headed back to the Global Lounge for two more sessions of the Cross-Cultural Workshop!


SSIP2018_DAY7.Tues_June26 [2018年06月26日(火)]

Yukata Experience, Lecture on Japanese Women, Lecture on Japanese Pop Culture

Today was full of exciting Japan Studies sessions! To begin the day, professional kimono/yukata dressers came to Showa. In a traditional Japanese tatami room, the international students chose from a selection of yukata. With some help from Showa students, the kimono dressers transformed each international participant! After the students were dressed, the photo shoot began! Photos were taken in the tatami room and at Showa’s beautiful pond (despite the scorching weather).






After returning to their normal clothing and having a short lunch break, the students had the pleasure of hearing a lecture by Chancellor Mariko Bando. Chancellor Bando shared about the various experiences of women in Japan and the expectations society places on them.

Following this lecture, the students enjoyed a hands-on lecture on Japanese pop culture, given by Lecturer Yu Shigematsu. Shigematsu-sensei shared his extensive knowledge of Japanese manga and anime with the students. To do so, he prepared many video clips and brought in various manga books for the students to pass around.

It was a Tuesday filled with cultural immersion on many levels!

SSIP2018_DAY6.sun_June24 [2018年06月25日(月)]

They enjoyed the homestay!








SSIP2018_DAY5.sat_June23 [2018年06月23日(土)]

CCW 3-4; Homestay

The only classes for today were two sessions of Cross-Cultural Workshop. Ommura-sensei began class with a fun game called “Acchi Muite Hoy.” Two people played rock-paper-scissors, and the victor would point either up, down, left or right while saying “Acchi Muite Hoy!” The other player would guess the direction and try to avoid the direction that the victor will point in by looking a different way. If she looks in the same direction that the victor points in, she loses.


Losers had to file after the person who beat them, so there were soon long lines of students trailing behind the most skilled players. The final matches were especially intense as everybody looked on to see who was the best “Acchi Muite Hoy” player! The victor was awarded with candy corn. After the game, Ommura-sensei dived into discussions about culture.

After the Cross-Cultural Workshop ended, host families began to file into the Global Lounge. The international students were nervous but excited to meet their host families and spend the weekend with them. At first people were a little shy and quiet, but within a few minutes everyone seemed to be having a good time talking to their host family. With all the positive energy in the air from both the students and the host families, they’re sure to have a good homestay!

SSIP2018_DAY4.Fri_June22 [2018年06月22日(金)]

Today, we went to Asakusa! The Showa students met us at Kaminari-mon, the big gate that leads to Sensoji, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Then, we went to Sensoji, and there we split up into 4 groups and each group went to sightsee on their own.



Students went to a variety of places around Asakusa. After leaving Sensoji, some students went to a matcha ice cream shop that had several different levels of matcha, based on how much matcha is in it. Others went to try the red bean paste-filled pastries everywhere on Nakamise-dori (Nakamise Street). Everything seemed to be delicious!

We met back at Kaminari-mon and asked the Asakusa group for the business project to meet back at the gate once more after lunch. Everyone else was dismissed and many of them went to the Tokyo Skytree, which was a 20 minute walk away.

After lunch, Asada-sensei’s Asakusa group students met us at Kaminari-mon and the students went together to complete their business project!

SSIP2018_DAY3.Thur_June21 [2018年06月21日(木)]

Today was the first Japan Studies course of the program. Over the next few weeks, students will take classes on various aspects of Japanese culture, including the roles of Japanese women, Kabuki theater, Japanese religion, and more. We began this Japan Studies curriculum with a course on Japanese calligraphy, led by Lecturer Yoshie Utsugita. Utsugita-sensei taught the class in Japanese, so two of the interns (Jen and Emiri) translated for her. However, the language barrier was of no consequence as she spoke to them with her hands, sharing her well-practiced craft.

After watching a demonstration from Utsugita-sensei, the students had the opportunity to practice calligraphy themselves! Sensei provided a packet of popular kanji for them to choose from, and many Showa students helped them practice the chosen character(s) before putting it on the final shikishi (a harder, more durable surface).








Following their lunch break, the students were introduced to the Business Project. This project, organized by Associate Professor Yuko Asada, is a new addition to SSIP. The international students were each paired with a Showa student and told to investigate and report on a good travel spot in Tokyo. The reports, which included restaurants, matcha and tea spots, and shrines, will then be posted onto Locobee, a Japanese tourism site. Since the purpose of this session was just providing background on the project, so students have yet to begin working on their reports. Stay tuned for later blog posts to see how they will turn out!



SSIP2018_DAY2.Wed_June20 [2018年06月20日(水)]

Today, Nishikawa-sensei gave SSIP participants an overview of the Japanese language! Her students aided the international students as they learned how to do things like write their name in hiragana and katakana, speak basic useful phrases, and introduce themselves. The students learned quickly and had fun practicing their newly learned Japanese skills!


Afterwards, we watched Yasujiro Ozu’s Tokyo Story together. The well-known and acclaimed film showed the complex relations between an elderly couple and their adult children. Though the movie is fairly old (released in 1953!), it was an interesting look at Japanese culture.

Lastly, we had our first two sessions of the Cross-Cultural Workshop section of SSIP, led by Ommura-sensei. The international students and Showa students played various icebreakers together. The Global Lounge was filled with laughter as everyone enjoyed the games and learned more about each other. What a great start to the Cross-Cultural Workshop!




SSIP2018_DAY1.Tues_June19 [2018年06月19日(火)]

After a long day, tiring day of arrival and accommodation check-ins–and hopefully a good night’s sleep!–the SSIP 2018 participants were able to enjoy their first full day in Japan. With the four SSIP interns, the 10 students (3 had yet to arrive) traveled to Showa Women’s University for their Opening Ceremony and Orientation. At this ceremony, held in the Global Lounge, they had the opportunity to get to know CIE staff, the interns, and some of the faculty they will be learning from for the next three weeks.

After an opening address from President Kaneko, the international students were also able to introduce themselves, sharing why they chose Tokyo and SSIP and what they were looking forward to. Some talked about their love of Japan, others about their desire to get to know people from different backgrounds, and more about the chance to explore a new country. With this hopeful and open-minded atmosphere, we kicked off SSIP 2018!




Following the Opening Ceremony, the international students were given tours of Showa’s campus by Showa students who graciously volunteered their time and opened up their school to the students. In these small tour groups, the international students learned about Showa’s history and how the campus is being utilized to reach the university’s future goals.

Thanks to the sunny weather, they were able to enjoy the campus fully and spend some time at Showa’s beautiful pond, appreciating the flowers and magnificent koi fish.


Upon concluding their tours, the students returned to the Global Lounge for the Welcome Party. The party was kicked off with a toast from Chancellor Mariko Bando, followed by a wonderful performance by the Koto Club! Not only did the students enjoy some delicious catered food–while getting to know some of the Showa students they’ll be taking classes with–but they also had a chance to try playing the koto themselves! It was a great day of many introductions and new experiences: a fitting way to begin the 2018 Showa Summer International Program!


SSIP2015-DAY20,21 [2015年07月27日(月)]

SSIP 20日目は東明学林から鎌倉へ。精進料理を楽しみ、鶴岡八幡宮や鎌倉大仏などの観光をしました。渋滞のため十分な時間はとれなかったようですが、お守りを買ったり大仏のなかに入ってみたりとそれぞれに満喫したようでした。
最終日の21日目はCross Cultural Workshopの最終プレゼンテーションがありました。テーマ“School Education”について、国籍も文化背景も違う仲間同士でつくりあげた過程はそれぞれ山あり谷ありだった様子。生みの苦しみに悩んだグループもあったようですが、最終的には各グループ趣向をこらした完成度の高いプレゼンとなりました。
閉会式では、坂東学長より留学生とCross Cultural Workshopを履修していた日本人学生に修了証が手渡されました。送別会では、インターン生の石井さん・辻さんが作成したこれまでの写真のムービーが流れ、楽しかった3週間を皆でふりかえりました。別れが近いのもあり、何人か涙する学生も…。留学生にとってもただ日本に来て観光をするだけでなく、世界各国に「本当の友人」ができる貴重な体験であったことと思います。




Saturday, July 12

All Day Trip to Kamakura
Today was our full day visit to Kamakura! Despite getting stuck in traffic for a while, the participants were able to enjoy a traditional, vegetarian Buddhist meal for lunch. Later, they visited a temple, where they got their fortunes told and bought cute good luck charms! Some of the students also explored the streets for shopping, and bought sweet potato ice cream and more souvenirs! Our final stop in Kamakura was the Great Buddha statue, which some of the students were able to go inside of! Even though it was very hot, everyone was in bright sprits to be exploring the historical town of Kamakura!

Sunday, July 13

Cross Cultural Workshop (Final Presentations)
The first event of the day was the presentations of the final Cross-Cultural Collaborative projects of this year’s SSIP participants! Several of the groups improved tremendously from the practice presentations, and many of the revisions should the amount of work and dedication the students put into their plays. The plays ranged from serious to silly, but overall it really seemed like all of the Cross-Cultural students were able to learn about education and its importance. Each play was thought provoking and elicited discussion afterwards, which means the workshop was a success!

SSIP Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party

As part of the closing ceremony, Bando-sensei presented each international participant and Cross-Cultural Workshop student a certificate confirming their completion of the program.


At the farewell party, delicious food was provided, memorable pictures were taken, and many tears were shed. The staff and interns were able to give a speech about the program, and a short movie was played with photos and music as a reflection of the good times of the program. Many of the students expressed that this was not goodbye, but just a “see you soon!”, with some even planning a reunion in the future. As the party came to a close, the students began to part ways, but we said goodbye hoping that our paths will cross again in the future.

SSIP2015-DAY18,19 [2015年07月27日(月)]

その後はCross-Cultural Workshop参加者全員で東明学林へ。期間中何度も顔を合わせている参加学生ですが、一宿一飯をともにするとこれまで以上に交流も深まるようです。グループごとに最終プレゼンテーションに向け磨きをかけました。


July 10th, Friday

Japan Studies: Company Visit to Shiseido

With everyone packed, we loaded up the bus bright and early on Friday to head to Shiseido Headquarters in Ginza! Once we arrived, the students listened to senior advisor, Hisayuki Suekawa, explain the company’s unique marketing strategy to compete as a global company. This strategy, called “Omotenashi“ is the reason why Shiseido is able to survive and compete on a global market, as they are able to anticipate the customers’ needs. After the lecture, we were taken to Shiseido the Ginza, the famous cosmetic location with three stories of beauty treatments. We were given a private tour of the building, and the students were amazed at the luxurious design of the building. After the tour, we were able to try the the mirai “future” mirror, which gave us a glimpse of how different makeup looks on us using a specialized camera. Shortly after, we visited the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building where we had a lecture about the history of the Ginza Parlour and were given original ice cream sodas! At the very end, Shiseido sent everyone home with a souvenir bag containing a packet of oil blotting paper (which is unique to Shiseido’s corporate museum!)

After lunch we traveled to Tomei Gakurin by bus, where everyone primarily slept. Once we got to the facility, we were able to stand on the balcony outside and, despite the fog, got to see the glimpse of Mount Fuji from a distance. With free time for the rest of the day, everyone got together and enjoyed their time of relaxation.


July 11th, Saturday

Cross Cultural Workshop⑪⑫⑬⑭

For a full day, everyone worked hard on their final presentation play! After many discussions and planning, the students were able to rehearse in front of one another in groups and give constructive criticism, which was helpful for many!