1-3.ハーバード大インターンシップIntern from Harvard Univ

SSIP2019_DAY4_Tuesday, June 25th [2019年08月06日(火)]

Today, the students had a lecture on Japanese Pop Culture by Professor Shigematsu. Professor Shigematsu showed a few clips from popular Japanese anime shows, passed around a couple of manga books, and later explained to the students the strategies that the creators of these shows used to draw in the audience’s attention.

Then, Akiyama-sensei gave students a lecture on the history of the bento box. She went into detail about bento box developments, including those that are now able to keep food hot for hours. Students also learned about different kinds of bentos, for example, those that are made in the home are known as tezuki-bento and those sold in stations are called eki-ben.

Following the lecture, the students eagerly put on their aprons, hair caps, and gloves as they entered the kitchen to make their own kyara-ben (character bento). With the help of Showa students, we wrapped rice in egg to make Pikachu’s yellow face, used seaweed for the eyes, nose, and dark part of the ears, ham for the cheeks and mouth, and cheese for the ears and white part of the eyes. The “background” of the bento was filled with octopus-shaped sausages, vegetables, and a rabbit-shaped apple. The students took many photos of their artistic creations and shared them on their social media accounts for their friends and family members to see back home. Although we were all hungry by the time we finished making the bento, some of us felt like our cute Pikachus looked too good to eat especially after putting so much effort into making it. Overall, it was fun to make and enjoy food together!


SSIP2019_DAY3_Monday, June 24th [2019年08月06日(火)]

The students gathered with excitement as they entered the tatami mat room used by the tea ceremony club at Showa. Ash-sensei graciously introduced the history of the Japanese tea ceremony to the international students in his lecture, followed by a question and answer component. With the conclusion of the lecture, the participants rearranged themselves to sit around Ito-sensei and her tea pot to watch her demonstration on making tea for the tea ceremony. Knowing that some students may feel nervous about the tea ceremony because it appeared to be a formal process, both Ash-sensei and Ito-sensei focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere that emphasized learning and experience.

The interns, with the help of a tea ceremony club member, served the confectionaries to each participant. The confectionaries were made from bean paste and had a light, sweet, fruity taste that helped balance out the bitter taste of the matcha. Every student had a chance to make their own tea with the help of Ito-sensei, who was extremely skilled in the tea making process. Students also learned the Japanese way of bowing as a way of saying “thank you” and sitting on their legs, although some found it difficult since they were not used to sitting this way. Overall, the students found the experience to be relaxing and enjoyable.


After the students had lunch, they attended Professor Takao’s lecture on Food Distribution followed by Professor Tamura’s lecture on Design. The international students listened attentively and asked many questions throughout the lectures, with some sharing their own knowledge about the food distribution process and architectural designs from their home countries.

SSIP2019_DAY2_Saturday, June 22nd [2019年08月06日(火)]

The second day of the program began with the first three sessions of the Cross-Cultural workshop. Ommura-sensei and Yagishta-sensei lead the workshops where international students and Showa students partook in various ice-breaker activities that allowed them to get to know more about each other. They played the Japanese version of rock-paper-scissors that included a special twist where the victor would point either up, down, left, or right while saying “Acchi Muite Hoy!” and the other person would have to look in a different direction. They also arranged themselves according to height, birthdays, and waiting times. For the latter half of the day, students gathered into assigned groups to build a tower out of paper and paper only. At the end, Ommura-sensei awarded the winning group with a box of chocolates. Although the icebreakers had a competitive component, the students nevertheless collaborated with each other to help break down language and cultural barriers, thus filling the Global Lounge with laughter and excitement throughout the day. For the third session of the Cross-Cultural Workshop, as students are beginning to get more comfortable with their group members, Yagishta-sensei introduced the project component of the Cross-Cultural Workshop. This year’s theme is Advertisement. With their groups, students will travel around Tokyo to take photos of advertisements that fit their chosen theme and conduct an analysis for the final project. They will also present their findings to the group at the end of the program. We can’t wait to see what their projects will look like!



SSIP2019_DAY1_Friday, June 21st [2019年08月06日(火)]

The international students arrived with the interns at Showa Women’s University from the Olympic Center to begin the very first day of SSIP 2019. There were 15 international students (2 had yet to arrive) and four SSIP interns who arrived at the Global Lounge ready to kick off the Opening Ceremony and a Program Orientation from Kurakata-san. After Kurakata-san gave the students an orientation and an overview of three weeks that they will be spending in Tokyo, the Opening Ceremony began with remarks from President Kaneko. Afterwards, the international students had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group and share their reasons for choosing to come to Tokyo and participate in SSIP. For many students, it was their first time in Japan. While some expressed their anxieties about being in a foreign country, all students were excited to get to know people from all over the world, immerse themselves in culture that may completely differ from their own, and explore Japan as much as possible.

After the conclusion of the Opening Ceremony, the international students were sorted into four different groups to get ready for a campus tour of Showa’s campus. Several Showa students volunteered as campus tour guides to introduce their school—important locations, histories, and interesting facts–to the international students. It appeared that for many, the beautiful flowers and the scenery of the Showa Koi Pond quickly made the location a favorite spot on campus.


The students returned to the Global Lounge to begin the Welcome Party. The party was kicked off with a toast from President Kaneko, followed by a wonderful performance by the Koto Club. After saying kanpai and itadakimasu as a group, the students were able to enjoy some delicious catered food—ranging from chicken nuggets to a wide variety of sushi and kamaboko. Many engaged in conversations with Showa’s professors who will be leading the lectures for SSIP and the Showa students that they will be taking classes with. The Koto Club graciously offered to stay for the entirety of the event to give students a chance to try playing the koto themselves. It was a great day of many introductions, new experiences, and the start of new friendships.



【SSIP2019】インターン生・コーディネーターをご紹介♪ [2019年06月03日(月)]



Yifan Chen (ハーバード大学 インターン生)

Hello! My name is Yifan Chen, and I am a rising junior at Harvard majoring in Sociology. I am particularly interested in topics concerning migration patterns and educational inequality, with a focus in East Asia. I’ve also lived in many places throughout my life: Fujian (China), New York (US), Florida (US), and Massachusetts (US). I love to learn about different cultures and the lives of people from all over the world, and this love brings me to the beautiful city of Tokyo this summer. This is my first time in Japan, and I’m already loving it here! I cannot wait to learn even more through working with the CIE team and meeting everyone at SSIP 2019!


Rachel Phan (ハーバード大学 インターン生)

Hajimemashite~ My name is Rachel Phan, and I am a rising third year student at Harvard University. I study Environmental Science and Public Policy, with a minor in East Asian Studies. I’m most interested in designing environmentally friendly cities for people to live in, which is why Tokyo is so fascinating to me: it works very differently from Boston, where I grew up. I am also very passionate about women’s rights. Outside of academics, I like to dance hip hop, find delicious food places (I have a big sweet tooth!), and talk late into the night with my friends. I’m looking forward to experiencing Japan’s amazing culture for the first time and meeting you all!


Miyu Otani (コーディネーター)

Heyyy! My name is Miyu Otani, and I am a third year student at Showa Women’s University. I am majoring an English Communication. I am interested in the other cultures and really like traveling and food. I want to know not only the other cultures, but also Japanese culture. There are many things that I do not know but I should know in Japan. I am glad that many people are interested in Japan and excited to meet you guys! Let’s explore Japan with usss!


Yuna Yamaguchi (コーディネーター)

Konnichiwa! My name is Yuna Yamaguchi. I am also studying English Language Communication at Showa Women’s University. I like traveling, dancing and getting ICE CREAM. I studied abroad in Boston last year, and experienced so many things with friends who are not Japanese. It was great time for me. Therefore,now, I want to share our culture with you all!!! I cannot wait to meet you and to explore Japan with you! See you soon:)


Yifan & Rachelと英語を使って会話してみたい方や、交流をしたい方!

SSIP2018_DAY17.Mon_July9 [2018年07月11日(水)]

Today was the culmination of all the Cross-Cultural Workshops! Each group presented a few advertisements they had found interesting. They explained what was unique or eye-catching about the ads and analyzed them to suggest what the target audience may have been. It was amazing to see the hard work and teamwork of each group.



Afterwards, we had our Closing Ceremony. Chancellor Mariko Bando gave a speech to kick it off, before we presented each student with a Certificate of Completion. There was also a special recognition for Ommura-sensei and for the interns. Two SSIP participants (Kate Pensak and Erina Gudono) each gave a short speech about their experience this summer.








The farewell party came next. Chancellor Bando gave a toast to start the party and we all mingled with each other. The food was good and the company was better! It seemed that almost nobody could believe that SSIP was finally ending.





One of the interns, Ike, put on the recap video she had been working on for the last few weeks. It featured videos and pictures from the whole program and let us reflect a bit on all that had happened. The video was put together very well and enjoyable to watch. It’ll be nice to keep that video around to look at later on as well!



Finally, we passed the mic around to give each person the chance to speak a few words. Many people cried as they talked about how much fun they had and how other people had done so much for them. It was extremely moving. Even the coldest among us had to fight to hold back tears.


We thought that was the end, but it was not so! That night, almost all the international students along with the interns, Kurakata-san, and a CCW/JS participant met up at McDonald’s to eat Gudetama McFlurries together. It was a nice last moment. We stayed in McDonald’s until they asked us to leave since it was late!

Emiri, one of the interns, passed around earrings (both pierce and clip-on ones) that she had made, making for a great final omiyage for everyone! Even Kurakata-san received a pair. It was a memorable night. I’ll miss everyone.

SSIP2018_DAY16.Sun_July8 [2018年07月10日(火)]

It was an early day for all of us with breakfast starting at 7:00AM in Tomei! We ate together before packing up and cleaning the facilities.


We left around 9:00AM and headed off to Kamakura. The first stop was Kotoku-in, where the Big Buddha (daibutsu) was located. For 20 yen, we could also head inside the Big Buddha. It was interesting to see how the structure was built from the inside, but also extremely hot and humid!

Next, we went to a place called Ajitei, where we were able to enjoy a delicious meal set consisting of chicken and rice, sashimi, tofu cooked in various ways, and shrimp, among other foods. It was fun and delicious.

We got back on the bus to head to a different part of Kamakura. We got off at a point close to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, the most important shrine in Kamakura. Tanabata (Star Festival) decorations were everywhere, adding extra flair and beauty to the shrine. Many of us then headed off to Komachi-dori, the main shopping street in Kamakura. There was a matcha ice cream shop that offered several different levels of matcha, just like the location in Asakusa. There was also a delicious crepe store called Kokuriko Crepe. Other than great food, there were various cute stores along the street that sold things varying from clothes to handkerchiefs and souvenirs.


After exploring Kamakura for a while, we headed back to Showa, and then to Kawasaki Daiichi Hotel in Mizonokuchi. The accommodations are very nice and comfortable. The end of the program is approaching!


SSIP2018_DAY15.Sat_July7 [2018年07月09日(月)]

We started the day with a great breakfast in the cafeteria in Tomei Gakurin! Difficult as it was to get up, the breakfast gave us the energy we needed for the day.



Today was a full Cross-Cultural Workshop day! For the first part, students broke up into their groups to work on their presentation together. After lunch, each group had 15 minutes to practice their presentation in front of Ommura-sensei and Yamazaki-san.




Since this was the last chance to put the finishing touches on their project, everyone did their best. The final project presentations will be a sight to behold!



After dinner, we went outside to the parking lot to light fireworks together. It was fun trying the different kinds of sparklers, finding friends, and taking pictures together with them! There were a few big fireworks that created larger and brighter sparks than the others, but the best part truly was the people. What a day!





SSIP2018_DAY14.Fri_July6 [2018年07月06日(金)]

We checked out from the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center for the last time today! Then, we took a bus to the National Theatre to see a kabuki performance. For most of us, it was the first time we were seeing kabuki. Before the performance, the meaning behind certain sounds and movements during kabuki were explained to make it easier for the audience to understand. Luckily, there was an English earphone guide for those of us that did not speak Japanese! After having a kabuki lecture last week, it was interesting to see what the performance was really like. One of the most interesting moments was when 7 extra kabuki actors ran onto the stage to serve as the 7 other heads of the 8-headed serpent villain. We sure didn’t see that coming!

We went back to Showa to eat lunch and grab our belongings before heading off to Tomei Gakurin, Showa’s “off-campus training facility”! The bus ride was almost 2 hours long, but people got in some well-deserved sleep and chatted with everyone else. At Tomei Gakurin, the highlight of the day was dinner. Everyone helped serve each other and said “itadakimasu” before eating. Dessert was served soon after, with a “gochisousama deshita” to follow. Then, everyone helped clean up and put away the dishes. It was amazing to see the teamwork that came from the students!





SSIP2018_DAY13.Wed_July4 [2018年07月04日(水)]

Lecture on Bento & Cooking Class
Cross-Cultural Workshop ⑨⑩

Today, Akiyama-sensei gave a lecture on the history of bento, as well as diving into recent bento developments, like more advanced boxes that can keep food hot for hours. She also talked about different variations of bento, like kyara-ben (character bento). After the lecture, we went into the kitchen to make a Pikachu kyara-ben for ourselves!


There were several different components to the bento. Rice wrapped in egg was used to make the yellow face, seaweed for the eyes, nose, and dark part of the ears, ham for the cheeks and mouth, and cheese for the ears and white part of the eyes. We also made octopus-shaped sausage and rabbit-shaped apples for the bento. It was fun to make food together, if a bit difficult! The food wasn’t too bad either.


After a break, we had 2 more sessions of Cross-Cultural Workshop. Instead of working at the usual Global Lounge, students went to a computer room to work on their projects with their group members. It was a fruitful day!